Episode Forty Four

Saving Money 101: Start Early!

March 15th 2016

  • A good start for kids....

    by Sharon

    When my son was old enough (kindergarten) to understand the concept of money I wanted to teach him the joys of spending his own money on an item he wanted, SAVING and also GIVING TO CHARITY. I came up…


    Mar 16th

  • Easy Savings

    by Debby

    When I was a child we had to earn our own money, so if we wanted to go places we had to work. But I figured a system of for everytime I spent money I put the same amount in bank. My parents taught us…


    Mar 15th

  • I, too was taught to save money and plan for futur

    by Judy

    My daddy taught me very well on how to save money, and not only have a rainy day fund, but to make every penny count. I recently retired, sold my home and took the equity to pay cash for a retirement…


    Mar 15th

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