Episode Forty Four

Saving Money 101: Start Early!

March 15th 2016

  • A Tale of Two Families!

    by Sarah

    I was never given pocket money; if i wanted something, I asked and was either told yes or no, mostly the latter. I never saved as a child, as I never had the cash to do it. My son, born in 1999, was the…


    Oct 29th

  • The Little Savings Account That Could!

    by Faith

    I start with my plan the first Friday every December. I take an envelope and put in $1, add $1 every Friday, and by the end of the following November, I have accumulated $1376!! This is enough to splurge…


    Oct 28th

  • My Mother the Frugal Queen!

    by Kelly

    Growing up, we were on food stamps, (1990's "funny money") and my mother worked two jobs. She was a Manager at a Burger King, and an Eye/Hook machine operator at a brassiere factory. My father was an…


    Oct 24th

  • The First Million Was Difficult

    by Handy Andy

    I was always a worker and a saver from basically a poor family. Our needs were met, we paid off the house, we never squandered money. My mother always said don't waste money. After I finished the Navy…


    Oct 23rd

  • Saving 101

    by Joanne

    When I got a place of my own and starting supporting myself after I got out of school, I didn't really have enough money to save. But, a few years later, when I did, I would always "pay myself first."…


    Oct 23rd

  • Saving Money

    by Claudio

    Instead of always using a credit card, start saving a set amount of money per month so you can create a comfortable cushion, then if you ever use it, use it as if it was a credit card and always pay the…


    Oct 22nd

  • It's not that hard, really...

    by Brittany

    Well, I have worked for a hospital since I was 18. One of the benefits given to me was the option of putting money into a 403(b). I took it. I've been saving up for 14 years. A lot of young people don't…


    Oct 21st

  • Dirty Money

    by Kristin

    I learned to save by watching my mother, who had great discipline and also made it fun. To save for her vacations, she would start collecting "dirty money." Any bills that she received that were torn…


    Oct 21st

  • My plan and backup plan

    by Warren

    Hi Judge ... I watch you daily! I save change and have piggy banks all over the house in old medicine bottles and the different coins are kept with like coins, dimes with dimes ... you get the picture.…


    Oct 16th

  • Little Envelopes

    by Catherine

    When I was young, I was given a bank passbook, but a school friend told me that her mother saved money for various needs (rent, food, medicines, car repair) and pleasures (vacation, summer clothes) in…


    Oct 9th

  • What Savings??? I have none

    by Melanie

    I was married in 1989. My husband and I had very specific ways to save. Until early 2016, we cashed out our coin collection. We had $18,976.02 in coins. People squander coinage. They think "change doesn't…


    Oct 8th

  • Create your fun, don't buy it!

    by Linda

    I was a single Mom with a son. I was 24 when I had him. His Dad left us and never sent us a dime, but that's on him. Thanks to my Mom and Dad I wasn't afraid of hard work, so I worked two jobs while he…


    Oct 4th

  • Finding my passion

    by Pamela

    I was living in the Los Angeles area in 2007 and had a great job. I realized I prefer to pay back and went on the website Volunteer Match to look for volunteer work and found a training program for Rape…


    Oct 2nd

  • Pay yourself first

    by Sophya

    My grandfather is a self-made man whose trade was insurance. He taught me his trick to saving and building his wealth. He always paid himself first 10% of any income, no matter how little, and it was…


    Sep 30th

  • When NOT to Save $ ...

    by RJ

    Recently my wife was diagnosed with heart failure. Outside of a heart transplant there is no recovery for her. Yes, mega-count linen are more expensive and so is eating out more frequently, doing weekend…


    Sep 30th

  • A Survivor's Story

    by Toni

    When I was 20, I bought my first home. As time went on, I bought another home then rented out my first home. Other than repairs to my rental, I saved the rent money. To this day, I continue to rent out…


    Sep 18th

  • Stop Smoking My Money Away!

    by Joan

    I'm an avid smoker, and I'm trying to stop. I estimated that in a year's time, I had spent $1017.12 for my cigarettes. So what I'm doing to help me save for the future is everytime I felt like buying…


    Sep 18th

  • Have it come right off your checks!

    by Dena

    I have found the best and least painful way is to have 10% taken off the check into your investment/savings right away and automatically. In my case this was a company stock program. It was painless,…


    Sep 17th

  • Dad's Why

    by Margaret

    My Dad opened 3 savings accts for 3 daughters when we were babies. He sat us down (ages 12, 10 & 9) and gave us each a bank register with deposit slips and taught us how to complete slip and record…


    Sep 16th

  • 5 cents every bank day

    by Persia

    Everyone in our grade school signed up and got a bank book to deposit every week and watch their money grow. Some kids got more than others. Some got zero. I was given five cents (a nickel) every week.…


    Sep 9th

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