Episode Forty Four

Saving Money 101: Start Early!

March 15th 2016

  • Pay yourself first

    by Sophya

    My grandfather is a self-made man whose trade was insurance. He taught me his trick to saving and building his wealth. He always paid himself first 10% of any income, no matter how little, and it was…


    Sep 30th

  • When NOT to Save $ ...

    by RJ

    Recently my wife was diagnosed with heart failure. Outside of a heart transplant there is no recovery for her. Yes, mega-count linen are more expensive and so is eating out more frequently, doing weekend…


    Sep 30th

  • A Survivor's Story

    by Toni

    When I was 20, I bought my first home. As time went on, I bought another home then rented out my first home. Other than repairs to my rental, I saved the rent money. To this day, I continue to rent out…


    Sep 18th

  • Stop Smoking My Money Away!

    by Joan

    I'm an avid smoker, and I'm trying to stop. I estimated that in a year's time, I had spent $1017.12 for my cigarettes. So what I'm doing to help me save for the future is everytime I felt like buying…


    Sep 18th

  • Have it come right off your checks!

    by Dena

    I have found the best and least painful way is to have 10% taken off the check into your investment/savings right away and automatically. In my case this was a company stock program. It was painless,…


    Sep 17th

  • Dad's Why

    by Margaret

    My Dad opened 3 savings accts for 3 daughters when we were babies. He sat us down (ages 12, 10 & 9) and gave us each a bank register with deposit slips and taught us how to complete slip and record…


    Sep 16th

  • 5 cents every bank day

    by Persia

    Everyone in our grade school signed up and got a bank book to deposit every week and watch their money grow. Some kids got more than others. Some got zero. I was given five cents (a nickel) every week.…


    Sep 9th

  • Save early and as you go along!

    by Nathan

    1. Get a savings account and put away whatever money you can - and the key thing is not to touch that money. If you set a fixed amount to put away each week/month, you may limit yourself a bit, though…


    Jan 30th

  • Second Try

    by Jessie

    My experience is that when I was in my first job I didn't like it so I was not wanting to go to my job on Monday. But untill I saw Juge Judy I was fixed on that job but then that all changed. She gave…


    Jan 30th

  • Living Within My Means...means...

    by Debbie

    I was taught at a young age that If I wanted anything I had to work for it. When I was 14 I worked in the evenings and on weekends as a cashier/washing dishes. During High School I was a member of German…


    Jan 30th

  • Live within your means

    by Christian

    I'm shocked when I read articles about 200k-400k families feeling like they are middle class. They list their expenses and you find they live in incredibly expensive homes, pay for expensive food, cars…


    Jan 30th

  • My Mother

    by Jason

    I do not have an exact story per say, more of an influence. My mother who is quickly approaching 50 (in exactly 9 days from today) has been an amazing insight and a huge influence on my financial status.…


    Jan 30th

  • Money & Housing

    by Owan

    Being fortunate enough to be able & healthy I worked long hours to save money to house myself. Loathing borrowing money, with house prices rising more than what I could save, it seemed a waste of effort.…


    Jan 30th

  • Set a good savings example!

    by Snezana

    I'm slightly younger, but had the same start with a bank book. We would contribute weekly at school with our spare change. But this didn't happen when my girls started school so I tried to instill this…


    Jun 24th

  • A dollar doubled

    by Scott

    Hi Judge Judy, After years of going through money like water while I was working and never saving a thing, I find myself now living on a fixed income due to disability. However I'm saving. On January…


    Apr 19th

  • Mother knows best

    by Hannah

    I have to thank my mother for sharing me saving early. I got my first job walking dogs which was £10 a day for a 13 year old this was loads and then I got another job in sales a year later as soon as…


    Apr 1st

  • Savings and Investing in the future

    by Janet

    Susan Orman's advice for young people who think they have no money to invest. Stop spending $25.00, or more, a week on Starbucks coffee. Invest this instead and watch it grow next 20 years. My advice.…


    Mar 23rd

  • Saving Money

    by Claire

    One of the best money-related advice I received was from a wonderful gentleman I worked for in the 1980's. He said that when 401k is offered, always take it and contribute, it is free money your company…


    Mar 21st

  • by Ella

    Many, many, many years ago a neighbor's husband made that statement and it was a very good statement. Personally, I like the free things in life, especially our freedom. My father said save a dollar every…


    Mar 18th

  • Saving money

    by Sergeant Steen

    ONE of the many things that I do to save money is round up my purchases to the closest dollar at the end of the year you would be surprised how much that change adds up


    Mar 17th

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