Episode Forty Four

My Mother

Jan 30th

My Mother

by Jason

I do not have an exact story per say, more of an influence. My mother who is quickly approaching 50 (in exactly 9 days from today) has been an amazing insight and a huge influence on my financial status. She is unique in the way that she isn't book smart, but is common-sense smart and has been a blue-collared individual her entire life. I can remember at the age of 9, my mother constantly hounded me, telling me she needed to contribute to a savings account 'which will grow like a tree'. Both of my parents made it seem that we were poor when we were young - knowing now that idea was completely false now, makes me believe I came from a rough past. haha! Since then, I have graduated college completely debt free, now have a full-time job with enough money to support myself in the time of need. Thank you Mom, love you! -Jason J

Jan 30th

Judy says...

Judge Judy says…As a small child, I was taught the importance of saving money in order to have a solid future.

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