Episode Forty Four

Angry Customers; Managers who Blame Clerks

Mar 9th

Angry Customers; Managers who Blame Clerks

by Beverly

Customers today are allowed to throw fits in public. They can upset the general well-being of most people without any social or legal repercussions. Often, the manager will end the dispute in bowing to the customer in the name of money and firing the clerk. In the grocery business for 14 years, I know there is very little profit margin, 1-3% tops. Losing any customer is very impacting on the survival of that business. A child doesn't understand that angry customer must be pleased no matter what often because a teen's feelings are hurt by a customer who just doesn't like a young teen waiting on them who is inexperienced. Also, older clerks may have diabetes, strokes, and other mental slowness that affects performance and really has nothing to do with their feelings about the gone crazy customer! In these events, our workforce is fired, moved from job to job and never gains much respect or upward growth. It is fire them vs.build a fire under them or in other words, Fire them Up!

Mar 9th

Judy says...

Judge Judy says…As a small child, I was taught the importance of saving money in order to have a solid future.

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