Episode Forty Four

A Tale of Two Families!

Oct 29th

A Tale of Two Families!

by Sarah

I was never given pocket money; if i wanted something, I asked and was either told yes or no, mostly the latter. I never saved as a child, as I never had the cash to do it. My son, born in 1999, was the first grandchild in my family and was treated as the little prince I thought he was, but I never gave him pocket money, as his every whim was pandered to by two sets of adoring grandparents. But when my brother's son was born two years later, his wife was a saver, so she gave him weekly spends. If he saved any, she matched it, and it went into his bank account. By the time he was six, he was so delighted to see all this money growing that he saved most of his money. Skip forward 18 years, and my brother's son has bought his own car at 18. He can go away with his friends on holidays, and he doesn't call the King his uncle, as he is financially secure for a teenager. My son however is skint all the time, never saves and never has any. MY FAULT! I should have done what my sister-in-law did, so please other parents...make them save!

Oct 29th

Judy says...

Judge Judy says…As a small child, I was taught the importance of saving money in order to have a solid future.

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