Episode One

Roommates with Benefits

May 16th 2012

  • Shacking up

    by Susan

    I thought of living together as "shacking up", but it was modern and I wanted to be modern. We'd been having sex and I wanted the emotional intimacy that I believed would result from co-habitation as…


    Dec 15th

  • Contracts are a DO

    by Salima C

    I lived with my ex when I was very young and this was before the height of living together craze. I thought even then it was important not to commingle funds. So much that he asked to borrow $20.00 and…


    Oct 20th

  • I just read the new book & have some insight

    by Kelly

    Hi Judge Judy, I received your new book AND read it all in one day yesterday. I enjoyed reading your advice in your own words. I'll share my related story. I married my ex-husband sort of rushed after…


    May 19th

  • 4 year engagment!! 5 year courtship!!

    by Maureen

    Currently I'm in a 5 year relationship. We have lived together for 4.5 of those years, and the most wonderful of my life. We have separate accounts and pay bills separate; he pays certain bills I pay…


    Nov 17th

  • Take Your Blinders Off!

    by Amadeus

    A couple weeks ago I experienced a serious situation of "Roommates with Benefits". It was supposed to be something beneficial to both of us. Not just financially but, hopefully, on a level that would…


    Oct 22nd

  • It Worked... but Most Times it Doesn't

    by Penni

    I moved in with my boyfriend when I was 21 (He was 30) and it did eventually turn into a marriage...17 yrs and still going... but we made the mistake of combining everything because one or both of us…


    Oct 9th

  • Keep it separate, even if married!

    by Lisa

    I don't care how long you've known someone or how much you love them, one thing for certain is that when it comes to finances, NEVER have anything joint, except maybe a house, and even then, if you have…


    Aug 30th

  • Moving in together < Getting married

    by Claugh

    Firstly, love your show Judge Judy, I agree with your judgement almost 100% of the time. These days, moving in with someone is a far more casual decision than getting married to someone. Would you buy…


    Aug 8th

  • Sad ending but I'm glad we gave it a try.

    by Leah

    Sadly, my relationship with a man I lived with didn't work out so i moved out. We had just a few arguments about our items and belongings, but nothing too big. I'm glad we lived together first because…


    Aug 8th

  • Extremely blessed, it worked for us.

    by Deanine

    I met my boyfriend in 2006 (I was 24, he was 20), and lived with him for three years. I had nothing of my own. He made much more money than me, and since he had credit, his name was on everything. Though…


    Jul 30th

  • Proving it was a gift

    by Beverly

    My boyfriend and I are big Judge Judy fans, so it came as no surprise to him that when my washer/dryer weren't working so well and he bought me a new set as a gift (getting rid of the set I had) that…


    Jul 30th

  • Keep it separate!

    by Jessica

    My boyfriend and I are both in our early 30s and live together. We're obviously in no rush to get married and we're not ready to have children yet, so he and I keep all our finances separate and even…


    Jul 29th

  • Separate to a degree...

    by Laura

    I agree that people in relationships that live together should keep finances separate. However, there should be clear communication regarding expectations of spending, money owed for bills, rent, transportation,…


    Jul 29th

  • Our Unspoken Business

    by David

    I currently live with another man who I am involved with. We keep our financial businesses that do not involve household expenses "unspoken", meaning, unless it involves or affects the other, it's not…


    Jul 23rd

  • It worked for me...for a while

    by Sylvia

    Several years after a divorce and after my kids were grown and gone, I moved in with a man I cared for. At first, I paid half of everything. Then, after coming home twice to a cold, dark house where the…


    Jul 19th

  • Some of us don't have a choice!

    by Rheneas

    Living in a state where marriage isn't an option (yet!), we don't have much of a choice. My first job was at a bank, and I learned early on through others' mistakes how bad an idea joint accounts are,…


    Jul 16th

  • Worked for us!!

    by Tracie

    I am now 46 yrs old, met my husband in 1990 and we moved in after 6 months of dating. We had our first child in 1992 and our second in 1997. We had both been married before and although my husband asked…


    Jul 5th

  • When I was growing up!!!

    by Carol

    When I hear 'roommates with benefits.' I think of my mom and how that didn't happen at all. She would always tell us NEVER give away something that you can never get back. But in those days that kind…


    Jul 5th

  • Commit 100% or Get Out!

    by Sandra

    Living with someone without any legal ties, can be a tragedy! I have been married, and I have lived with someone without being married. Getting divorced was no picnic either! The only good thing about…


    Jul 4th

  • 3 times is not a charm!

    by Melanie

    I have made the mistake of living with three boyfriends in my 20s. After the third co-habitating experience, I earned my lesson. 1st time-I was 21, he was 24. We had separate accounts and split all bills.…


    Jul 2nd

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