Episode Twenty Four

Roommate Roulette

May 9th 2013

  • Bondage is a choice

    by Amy

    I have a mother and a stepfather who are miserable individually and as a couple. Now that I am 36, I have some insight on why "misery loves company". My mother says she admires me, however the truth is…


    Jun 2nd

  • Don't smoke in my house and tell me it's chicken..

    by Randall

    Hello Judge. A quick thank you for inspiration. Your lessons that I watch daily have set my life on a new "adventure". I am 41 and always dreamed of finishing my degree and going to law school. This fall,…


    Oct 6th

  • Alone

    by Joanne

    Starting over after a divorce at 59 is a challenge, especially if you're not financially set. I recently tried moving in with a love interest, it was financially beneficial to both of us ( he was recently…


    Jul 4th

  • Wrong Choices in flat room mates Judy :-(

    by Adam

    I moved out of home at 21 and moved to Sydney (2 hours away). I lived with four different housemates and they were all different, some were ok to live with. Of course, I'm not a perfect person; however,…


    Jul 1st

  • Oh you canceled JJ on my dvr leave!!!

    by Crissie

    We were nice enough to let a friend with four children live with us until he could get on his feet. When he moved in, he had an apartment that all he had to do was go and sign papers, but a month later,…


    Jun 26th

  • Adult Child/Grandbaby At Home WIth Dad/Grandpa

    by Mike

    My eldest daughter (20) who is a mother of a one-year-old baby, lives with me at my request. I'm 41-years-old and I want my granddaughter to grow up with as little family tension as possible. They live…


    Jun 23rd

  • 9 years and counting

    by Teddy

    I am a 57-year-old widow and my 54-year-old roommate is a divorcee. A year after my husband died, we met in church as she was going through her divorce. She couldn't afford to stay in her home. As I did…


    Jun 18th

  • Housesharing Success

    by Tim

    I've houseshared for many years and am in a good position to appreciate how much learning is needed to make it work. My recipe, finely honed, is only to associate with people whom you know and like, and…


    Jun 13th

  • Helping Daughter with bills

    by Judy A.

    I lived with my daughter and her husband for 10 months. All was good until l had had enough with supporting her husband also. I have no problems paying bills, but when my daughter's husband doesn't work,…


    May 30th

  • Roommates

    by Carla

    I went to college at age 18 and moved straight into an all-female dorm. I had one roommate and boy, was it unpleasant! We were very different. I was extremely introverted and she was Ms. Social Butterfly.…


    May 30th

  • Accountant bouncing rent checks

    by Jeanne

    After renting several apartments, I decided I wanted to save money to purchase my first home. I moved in with an accountant who wrote NSF checks for the rent. I then insisted on money orders. In addition,…


    May 28th

  • How to do it right

    by Ann N.

    The only-only! time that having roommates worked for me was a summer that I shared a three-bedroom home with two female medical students for a summer, until campus housing opened for the fall. We made…


    May 21st

  • Bad roommate

    by Janet

    In 1973, I was not getting along with my boyfriend. I told him I want out. Being new to the city, he found a girl who was looking for a roommate. We met and Marilyn and I decided to share a 2-bedroom…


    May 19th

  • Roommate from Hell

    by Raymond

    I did this once, and it ended very quickly. The roommate had numerous "friends" over, both male and female, and many of them were sleepovers. I can't think of one night he didn't have someone sleep over.…


    May 18th

  • Stray Magnet

    by Heather

    A close friend of mine does not know how to say no to anyone. He owns a small, 3 bedroom mobile home and his 2 children live with him full time. His problem is that he's a stray magnet. A few months back…


    May 17th

  • I Enjoy Children Really

    by Linda

    In the feeble way a twenty something goes about life, I decided to rent a room in the home of a working single mother. She had one son who was between three and four during my short stay with them. She…


    May 16th

  • A Balancing Act

    by John

    While my roommate and I are not romantic, I would say there is a platonic love we have for each other after being friends for almost a decade. Not only that, her overstressed and well-planned self helps…


    May 16th

  • Horrible Roommate.

    by Vee

    Well, I thought everything was going to be great when my roomate and I found an affordable place. I thought it would be fine. Until all my roomate did was have her weirdo boyfriend come over. And guess…


    May 15th

  • Married roomates

    by Debby

    My first experiences with having a roomate was during marriage. I am in my third and last marriage. I was "roommates" with my current husband for a few years before we actually tied the knot. I thought…


    May 15th

  • Room-mates

    by Jeremy

    My boyfriend and I have been seeing each other for almost a year and we're both responsible, employed guys. I'm trying to pay off debt and finding it difficult to cut down on my expenses. With him here…


    May 14th

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