Episode Ten

Retirement: A Blessing or a Curse?

October 4th 2012

  • Retirement; A Blessing or a Curse

    by Craig

    I retired in 2002, at the age of 54. My wife and I just came back from a 5 week trial for the kid that murdered my son. We live in Portland, OR. The trial was in Washington DC. First day back to work…


    May 7th

  • Older employees

    by Marie

    Hello Judge Judy, I am a big fan and was born the same year as you. I love your shows and have only disagreed with a few of your judgements !! Being of the same generation, we have quite a lot in common…


    Jul 1st

  • Couple imbalance regarding retirement

    by Melissa

    My dad retired at 52 years old. He was a gym teacher. He knew everybody in the small community he was in. His first years of retirement, he was going to the school where he was always welcome and engaging…


    May 23rd

  • Don't Retire!

    by MaryAnne

    I have been working from my home for the same physician for 34 years. I took care of my children and household at the same time yet, I have always found time to go out with friends. Growing up and living…


    Apr 21st

  • Retirement is what you make it

    by Daniel

    If you worked hard all of your life as a legal American citizen who has no major debts, committed no major crime then you should prosper in the Garden of Eden. As my Bubbah would say "Work hard, stay…


    Feb 3rd

  • Retire and Start Home-Based Buiness

    by Sanji

    I live in Bosnia, am 45 years old and I am preparing for an early retirement (disability retirement) in couple of months. As for my home based business: I am an independent distributor of two American…


    Jan 9th

  • We are starting our story!

    by Katie

    We have bought a home on the Oregon coast! I have been retired for about a year; it's my husband's turn in a few months. We like each other a lot; he's my best friend. He also likes doing his thing and…


    Jan 2nd

  • Never Retire!

    by Catherine

    We did so well with our savings that our home was paid off within five years of buying it, and my fully funded pension, combined with the low interest rates, made my retiring a really smart move; financially.…


    Dec 18th

  • Mixed signals???

    by Rita

    First of all I have to tell you that I am an avid "Judge Judy" fan. It is rare that I miss a single show. Anyway the subject is retirement. My experience is this, I worked until I was 70 years old. But…


    Dec 17th

  • Retirement

    by Jane

    I haven't retired. I still do everything I ever did, just at a much slower pace. My husband has retired, twice. He retired from his first career and was home for a few weeks. Didn't like not having anywhere…


    Dec 16th

  • First Steps During Retirement

    by Gary

    I was babysitting for my beautiful granddaughter. She took her first steps all of a sudden on her own at my house. I grabbed my camera and wanted to film it for all to see. I only got her taking a couple…


    Dec 14th

  • Work as long as you can!

    by Bonnie

    My husband is a lawyer and says retirement is not in his vocabulary. Thank Goodness! I, however retired a year ago and can't seem to find my 'mojo'. Crafts don't keep my busy enough. We travel, but even…


    Dec 13th

  • Not for me...

    by Bev

    I loved working, making money & spending it. Lots & lots of spending! Forced retirement has taken it all away: my enjoyment, happiness, love for helping others, and satisfaction of achievement.…


    Dec 5th

  • Retirement, the begining of the end..

    by Larry

    I have worked just about all my life. My dad had me help him with his business at an early age around 5 yrs old. I then worked in other jobs until I was 63 yrs. old when I retired with C.P.O.D. Although,…


    Dec 4th

  • Retirement

    by Marilyn

    My husband and I are in our 80s and have done many things in our lifetime. My husband always did things connected with construction....first building houses or commercial buildings and then specialized…


    Dec 1st

  • Retirees Have a Life

    by Lois

    The biggest problem I've faced is that everyone that's not retired thinks you do nothing all day - that you're just hanging on a hook waiting for their phone call to give your life some meaning. I hear…


    Nov 25th

  • Retirement! One of Life's Huge Question Marks!

    by Mary

    I was terrified of retirement! I put it off until I was 66, and I could have retired with most of my benefits at age 57. I was a teacher with the Department of Defense Schools, and taught in Turkey, Germany,…


    Nov 23rd

  • Reinventing myself in retirement

    by Gretchen

    I "retired" in January of 2011. It took me about a year to get used to it but am now reinventing myself to be the person I should have been when I was in my 20's... that is making a living from doing…


    Nov 14th

  • Don't do it!

    by NMH

    I retired three times....and still wish I was back working. Each time I retired, I got another job and worked for about a year; then I tried retirement again. I also taught computer basics to seniors…


    Nov 13th

  • Retirement is just a word

    by Peggy

    My husband and I retired a couple of years ago. He says he wonders how he ever had time to go to work. He has projects and hobbies that he had dabbled with earlier that are now fully fledged indulgences.…


    Nov 12th

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