Episode Two

Pre-Nup or No Nup?

May 31st 2012

  • Prenup rules!!

    by Dave

    I see people posting that they would withhold information from their partner when entering a prenuptial contract. YOU CANNOT DO THAT! In order for the prenup to be valid and enforcable ALL pre-marital…


    Apr 24th

  • Getting married (domestic partnership)

    by Thomas

    Dear Judy Sheindlin, You are absolutely wonderful! You are brighter than anyone else I know (except my Grandmother who may have been close to your equal). I feel like we connect in so many ways. I'm from…


    Feb 19th

  • He Made Me Do It!

    by Catherine

    “You want what? Just because your first marriage failed, doesn’t mean ours will.” I screamed. However, knowing that I had a pension at work that he wasn’t aware of, I decided he…


    Nov 30th

  • Dual PreNups

    by Bryce

    Why be afraid of having the guy or gal get mad if the subject is brought up? Just say 'let's BOTH get one'. We can do that, correct? That way BOTH partners will be protected, and everyone is 'happy happy…


    Aug 15th

  • Grueling Divorces = Pro Pre-Nup!

    by Rita

    I do not have a story, but good advice. My fiancé wanted a pre-nup and he stated that it was best to discuss the issues now since we are in love and on speaking terms, than to wait until we are…


    Aug 8th

  • Pre-Nup Definitely YES with a big BUT....lol

    by Bridgette

    I would want a pre-nup saying that I get half of all his assets including social security and anything else he owned. If he was married previously and had kids I'd want him to spell out exactly what I'd…


    Aug 6th

  • Pro-Prenup!

    by Huge Judge Judy Fan!

    Hi Judge Judy! I was young and naive when I married, so I did not even consider a prenup. After divorce proceedings, my ex admitted that his mother was pushing him to file for alimony on a settlement…


    Aug 1st

  • Get Real!

    by Michael

    The days of getting married and it lasting forever are over unfortunately. With a divorce rate of over 50% you should get a pre-nup even if you make $10,000 a year. It protects you.


    Jul 21st

  • I refused to even consider one! (unfortunately)

    by Sharon

    My husband had a terribly vindictive ex-wife. I refused to even consider a pre-nup despite my family advising I did so. I said I would NOT start my marriage planning for a divorce. Maybe in hindsight…


    Jul 11th

  • Pre-Nup YES

    by Dianne

    My husband and I have been married 19 years and I wanted a pre nup. He has children from a former marriage, and there are antiques and momentos that need to stay in his blood family. I also have antiques…


    Jul 6th

  • Happily Ever After?

    by Cheyenne

    The future can hold so many different paths, and no one knows for sure which path they end up taking. You get to choose some turns, but never the twists. How could anyone, in our day and age, where we…


    Jul 5th

  • Bye Bye Beau

    by Kathryn

    Well, my boyfriend and I had been together for 12 years (yeah, I know - a LONG time) and we decided to marry. As the date got closer I became concerned. (I am a certifiable bitch when I despise someone,…


    Jul 4th

  • No -Nup!

    by Lovie Cyrus

    When going into a marriage, the two parties should know that one of the first things about marriage is to have trust in each other, so there should be no pre nup. When I got married, my husband had serious…


    Jul 2nd

  • PreNup - Absolutely!

    by Buddy

    I'm 65 and my spouse of 37 years is dying (no children). I know a have plenty of years left in me, so I wonder how will my life change, where will it take me? will I remarry? Possibly, but if I do, I'll…


    Jun 30th

  • I was a fool!

    by Patti

    I was a fool. I married a man, who was an attorney and a 5-time husband. I became his 6th wife. Three years later...guess what??? Divorce(!!!), and he put me through the wringer. I had a gut feeling but…


    Jun 29th

  • NO pre-nup; YES true love.

    by Lori

    Two of our three children got married this year; they are both in their early 20s. And yes- I know what you say Judge and clearly understand the value of your wisdom. But astounding as it is, both these…


    Jun 29th

  • Til death do you part....but then again...

    by Wendy

    I don't believe in pre-nups you are supposed to plan to be together until death do you part. But here I am a widow at 45 years old, engaged, and feeling an intense need to do a prenup. At this age, if…


    Jun 27th

  • No Prenup..

    by Lissa

    We did not even discuss a prenup when we got married, as we felt it was not really necessary. All the assets we had, we acquired together (both did not really have much by way of assets, except that I…


    Jun 26th

  • Statistics Don't Lie

    by Stefan

    Life is hard: marriage can be harder. When a high number of marriages fail (based on legal data), then we, as a society, must be realistic. Humans lie, either intentionally or not. "I love you" today,…


    Jun 25th

  • Not always a bad experience

    by Jill

    I was married for 7 yrs to the father of my two daughters. He passed away in 2003 due to medical negligence and I was awarded a very large judgement. When I informed my attorney I was getting married…


    Jun 23rd

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