Episode Forty

The English Language

Aug 31st

The English Language

by U.N. Owen

We watch the better "judge" programs on tv, almost every day. (We are retired and like to watch tv.) Our favorite dummies are those who "axe" people. Instead of using the word "ask," the mispronunciation "axe" is used. This applies even to people who claim to be in college, for Christ's sake! Instead of "I asked him..." we hear "I axed him..." Those people who constantly start any explanation by saying "Well, basically..." Why the word "basically?" Or the word "like..." it appears everywhere in semi-literate speech like pepper on a fried egg. My favorite dummy was an individual who, after I mentioned to a restauranteer that several words were misspelled on her marquee, piped in"Well, I'm an English teacher, and I don't think spelling is important..." An English teacher who thinks spelling isn't important. No wonder California schools are so poor! (Can YOU find the misspelled words in my comments? Hmmm?

Aug 31st

Judy says...

Judge Judy says...there are a few things that perfect strangers do that really irritate me.

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