Episode Forty

Grocery Store Havoc!

Sep 9th

Grocery Store Havoc!

by Laura

I work at a grocery store, and yes there are many of things that can irritate me, but the one thing that is top of my list is my customer checking out and talking on their cell phones. Ignoring the whole process of me checking out their order. “Hello” can you please pay attention, and pay your bill? Don’t even get me started on the customer who unloads their whole cart, and then runs back to get “one more item” and holds up my whole line, and then comes back with 4 items. Get it together people, there’s people behind you.

Last but not least, when I’m done checking your groceries out and it’s time to pay, and my hand is clearly held out to accept your money for your bill, and you throw your money down and change and expect me to scavenger it up one penny at a time, (so not cool). Please remember I could easily do the same to you when I give you your change, but I don’t out of consideration. Please have respect for your retail workers. That’s just a few things that irritate me.

Sep 9th

Judy says...

Judge Judy says...there are a few things that perfect strangers do that really irritate me.

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