Episode Forty

On the Lighter Side: What Irritates You?

November 18th 2014

  • Definitely Improper English

    by Sara

    It's astounding the percentage of people in our country whose native tongue is English who butcher the language. It makes me wonder why schools from elementary to high school throughout college are not…


    Mar 4th

  • The English Language

    by U.N. Owen

    We watch the better "judge" programs on tv, almost every day. (We are retired and like to watch tv.) Our favorite dummies are those who "axe" people. Instead of using the word "ask," the mispronunciation…


    Aug 31st

  • Whiners

    by Kim

    While people littering drives me crazy, I find whiners to be extremely annoying. Either do something about your situation or accept it and shut up.


    Jul 7th

  • Annoying habits

    by Kay

    I can't stand it when a person is talking on their cell phone and holding up the line, instead of getting off or telling the person to hold why they place tier l their order. Can't stand to see someone…


    Jul 6th

  • Grammar Police!

    by Henry

    It irritates me when people nitpick or laugh at the small imperfections in speech which we all invariably have. As no person speaks perfectly all the time, I think we should all be a little less critical…


    Jun 29th

  • 65mph to 80mph

    by jjnt

    Stupid drivers dismay me. I was a mile away from the exit. Turned my signal and there was this driver toying with me. I couldn't merge as he made sure that I couldn't get in the exit lane. In other words,…


    Jun 20th

  • Have hygiene to respect

    by annie

    One thing as of late that irritates me is when people allow themselves to smell like they have not showered in a month. I'm not speaking of odors after a hot day but the permanent kind... especially annoying…


    Jun 3rd

  • The people driving electric carts in Costco.

    by Wendy

    It concerns me when I see people riding the electric carts in stores. I suspect they have not been taught how to drive them properly. I saw one lady get a significant bloody scrape on her heel from a…


    May 30th

  • 1 2 3 Strikes you're out-or maybe only 1 strike.

    by Carolyn

    It makes me crazy when waiters or waitresses look at a table full of women and ask, "What can I get you guys?" Can you imagine approaching a table of men and asking, "What can I get you girls?" Never…


    May 9th

  • Easily irritated

    by Dena

    No story, just a partial list off the top of my head: Junk mail but also the USPS not having enough money to operate Dirty politics and immoral politicians Non-smoking sections (To me that's like having…


    Apr 25th

  • Walking Your Dog In Hot Weather On Pavement

    by Kavi

    I get so upset when I see people walking their dog on the hot pavement in the summer! Do they know that dog feet can burn? Or the owner is riding a bike and running their dog beside them in very hot weather.…


    Apr 21st

  • Littering

    by Hayley

    I am a person with lots of pet peeves; snoring, chewing with your mouth open, having your mouth open in general, ignorance, manners, etc. but the biggest if littering. If I'm out with friends and they…


    Apr 18th

  • Office Door Manners

    by Shari

    It really irritates me when a co-worker sees me two steps behind, with arms full, and let's the door close so that I have to g juggle my things to unlock the door. In the same area, it is annoying when…


    Mar 18th

  • take responsibility!

    by diana

    I don't have one experience in mind per say just a huge pet peeve. I cannot understand why it's so hard for someone to simply say " I'm sorry, I made a mistake." We all do it, make mistakes that is. I…


    Mar 18th

  • Shrieking children

    by Sandy

    One thing strangers do that always irritates me is allowing their children to shriek in high pitched tones in stores, restaurants and other public places. They never even tell the children no or tell…


    Mar 10th

  • Missing the mark!

    by Craig

    The big irritation for me is when men will not wash their hands after going to a public restroom. My wife and I travel because we are retired, and I see this happening all the time. This is one reason…


    Mar 6th

  • People in Disabled Parking

    by Bunny

    I am disabled and I have found people sitting in their cars waiting for someone in those spaces. I think that if people are waiting for someone they should park in a regular spot and just drive up to…


    Mar 2nd

  • Walmart Pajama People

    by Subgirl

    I work in a local Walmart and what irritates me a lot is adults who dont even bother to get dressed. They just wear their pajamas wherever they go...mainly to Walmart to shop. GET DRESSED PEOPLE..TAKE…


    Feb 28th

  • what bugs me.....

    by Frosty

    What bugs me is people who rent upstairs apartments who have young children. These parents allow their children to run around in the apartment all the time with no consideration for the people who live…


    Feb 24th

  • No respect!

    by Phil

    I find it most irritating when people have no respect for someone else's property, or when people treat our earth as their trash can. I don't care if a piece of trash was already on the ground, if you…


    Feb 23rd

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