Episode Twenty Five

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Dec 11th

The good, the bad, and the ugly

by Susan

I've had mostly good neighbours, the kind who help each other when there's trouble and greet each other with a smile most of the time. There was someone whose dog barked incessantly, day and night. That lasted a while as there was no local bylaw about barking dogs at that time. There have been loud parties and fights, but these are rare indeed. One neighbour recognizes no boundaries but his own. If you can't enforce your boundaries with physical strength, this neighbour will rule your yard and home. I did call the police on him; they can and will enforce reasonable boundaries. Why is this neighbourhood so nice? It's a family neighbourhood, ages newborn to very old. No one wants their families to be afraid, so the stronger ones protect the weaker. Most of the people work hard for what they have, and they take pride in it and respect others' rights out of empathy. It's not perfect. There are people who detest each other. But.. when the snow is deep, we all help dig cars out!

Dec 11th

Judy says...

Judy says…Neighbors used to get along when I was growing up!

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