Episode Twenty Five

Neighbor From Hell

Jan 10th

Neighbor From Hell

by Raymond

Four years ago, we had a new neighbor move in next door to us, a single mom with a 4 year old daughter. She seemed very nice, and we soon became friends. However, the first time her boyfriend was over for an overnight, a physical fight broke out between them, and I wound up calling the police. She became extremely angry over this and told me to mind my own business. They fought constantly, throughout her tenancy, which ended after two years when she was finally evicted. It was two years of living hell, listening to them fight. I continued calling the police. Her final act of revenge, prior to moving out, was to start a rumor that I was a convicted, level three, sex offender. Fortunately, people in our complex knew me and that I was never convicted of any crime, the least of which a sex offense. I was glad to see her leave.

Jan 10th

Judy says...

Judy says…Neighbors used to get along when I was growing up!

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