Episode Twenty Five

My Nightmare Neighbor!

Oct 14th

My Nightmare Neighbor!

by Brenda

Five years ago, we would have lunch together. She had a lawn and kept her home and yard clean. Today, she doesn't talk to me. Her lawn is dirt. Leaves are raked underneath the base of existing shrubbery and has trash piled high on the side of her home. Her garage is packed solid with no room for anything else. She has dogs that are never played with or exercised who bark often, howl and push around a stainless steel bowl for entertainment purposes to have something to do. Complaints and letters from other neighbors have done nothing. Two years ago, I told her about a roof tile that was slipping out of place on her second story to be a good neighbor and to hopefully save her a costly roof leak down the road. From my kitchen window, I see that it has crept so far out now that a sneeze could finally release it fully to be free to bounce off the first story and then fly off to knock me out just as I am sweeping up my sidewalk. Death by roof tile is not how I want my obituary to read!

Oct 14th

Judy says...

Judy says…Neighbors used to get along when I was growing up!

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