Episode Twenty Five

Next Door Nightmares

May 31st 2013

  • The good, the bad, and the ugly

    by Susan

    I've had mostly good neighbours, the kind who help each other when there's trouble and greet each other with a smile most of the time. There was someone whose dog barked incessantly, day and night. That…


    Dec 11th

  • naughty neighbors

    by Roy

    Well, I had next door neighbors that fought late into the night. At first, I called the police then I would keep details as you have taught me...never talking to them directly. Then I would forward my…


    Jul 17th

  • Nighmare Neighbor

    by Carol

    We had to move, could not take it anymore, I will say that our neighbors were not the only reason, but it sure made the decision easier. Our neighbor has two large dogs, he started with one, then went…


    Jul 1st

  • Landlord blows street dirt into open windows

    by Lynda

    My landlord has been using an industrial size (leaf) blower for approximately five years off and on around 3-5 times per month during warmer weather seasons. My kitchen window is 3 ft. from the parkway/parking…


    Jun 30th

  • Leaf burner disaster

    by Jules

    We had a neighbor who would burn leaves five days out of the week, and his lot was pie shaped, so he purposely placed his burn pile at the very edge of the property line so that all the smoke blew directly…


    Jun 29th

  • Disagreement about Small Pond

    by Lee

    Every time it rains, a small pond of water accumulates between my neighbor's house and mine. My neighbor approached me about a month after we moved in and told me that we absolutely needed to put a gutter…


    Jun 27th

  • Neighbors at war over an Inch of land

    by Judi

    My husband and I saved all our lives, recently retired and purchased a new home on five acres. We moved in ready to spend the rest of our lives enjoying the house and five acres. We did everything right…


    Jun 24th

  • Remedy for Nightmare Neighbors

    by Martin

    Like the Judge said in her opening, my folks, ourselves, and our neighbors were always, in most cases, mutual in understandings, getting along and for the most part, being civil to one another. However,…


    Jun 17th

  • You, Your Neighbor and a Problem are three.

    by Mediator

    You, your neighbor and a problem are three. If you and your neighbor can "get along" then the problem will go away. If you and your neighbor can NOT "get along" then the problem will not go away. Try…


    Jun 12th

  • Let's start over

    by Nancy

    A next door neighbor and I started off on the wrong foot. I had forgotten to put garbage bags I put outside on my porch into the garbage can before going away for the week. The garbage started stinking…


    Jun 11th

  • Do something nice as soon as they move in!

    by Claudia

    For many long stretches of time, the townhouse next door to me was empty. The newest neighbor provided a very nice letter along with a $20 gift card to come to his sushi restaurant nearby. This was given…


    Jun 11th

  • Evil neighbor

    by anonymous

    When I bought my house in 2005 the seller informed me the day she handed me the keys that the neighbor was a complete psychopath! Thanks for the heads up. Well she was right. This woman definitely had…


    Jun 10th

  • Doggone

    by Mary

    My next door neighbors had a couple of pit bulls. She kept the female tied outdoors all the time, pretty close to my bedroom window. I could not open the window or sit on my front porch because of the…


    Jun 10th

  • Sometimes you gotta take action

    by Nance

    I have always tried to be a good neighbor. As a mother of two, I hoped neighbors would ignore my kids normal noise as they played and in turn, I could ignore the noise of the younger neighbors who liked…


    Jun 9th

  • Finally Moved

    by Sapphire

    My fiancee and I lived in a trailer park it was going great when I moved in with him. Once we had our daughter, everything was still okay. Then the trailer in the back of us was remodeled and rented.…


    Jun 9th

  • Ripped Off

    by John P

    I am a retired Sheriff in AZ. This is a true story and I wanted to share it with you. I received a "call" one afternoon regarding a "neighbor problem". I scribbled down the location and proceeded to the…


    Jun 8th

  • Be a good human!

    by Crissie

    I try to be the best human I can be. We mow the yard. Keep our dogs fenced in. Don't have loud parties at night. We try to be the best people we can be, not just for our neighbors but because that's what…


    Jun 8th

  • Dog problem

    by Linda

    A new family moves in across the street. Their back yard is fully fenced in. Everyday, she opens the front door and lets the two dogs out. They run across the street to do their business on my front yard.…


    Jun 7th

  • Surprise, the judge is human.

    by Robert

    We had a dispute with a cranky couple next door that put a fence up years before we moved in. Now their fence is leaning over their garden, in their mind because of our railroad ties lining our yard,…


    Jun 7th

  • Your worst nightmare will be on bad terms...

    by Linda

    When you own a home and moving is not an option, the smartest move you can make is to be on good terms with your neighbors. I moved into a lovely community with four cats and a dog. I fenced a large part…


    Jun 6th

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