Episode Forty One

Gave up sugar last new year's and renewed pledge!

Jan 21st

Gave up sugar last new year's and renewed pledge!

by CeCe

My son, who in is in his 50's, decided to take charge of his health and made many changes in his diet over the past year and a half. He looks 10 years younger and added daily exercise. I asked him what was the one change he made which he considered really important. He said eliminating sugar. So I did. In my 80's, I discovered 6 months into my change that I had cancer. After much research, I too made changes but probably the most important was eliminating sugar. Cancer feeds on sugar. My surgery is over and no metastasis so no chemo or radiation. I am grateful. By the way I supported Mike Bloomberg' attempt to eliminate the big gulp. Kids eat way to much sugar. I support Bloomberg in his ran for President. I have been a long time fan of Judge Judy's attempts to curb the abuse of our social welfare and abuse of use of college loans for other than education. Thank you Judge Judy.

Jan 21st

Judy says...

Judge Judy says when it comes to New Year’s resolutions, most people don’t keep them. Do you?

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