Episode Fifteen

Kiss It Goodbye!

December 20th 2012

  • Daddy's advice

    by Fran

    My daddy passed away when I was only 14 yrs. old. My daddy was from the age of your word should be more important than your signature. So with that, he also would say never do business with friends or…


    Dec 17th

  • Your friends might be strangers

    by Random Swedish person

    I've lent money to my friends and also borrowed without any problems at all. The problems people are having isn't related to borrowing/lending money from/to friends. The problem is that there are so many…


    Mar 6th


    by Angela

    The year 2001, I co-signed for an individual for a car. We loved him as family, trusted him with my children, trusted his judgment in many ways. (1) within a few months, he was arrested, (2) I got stuck…


    Feb 3rd

  • Borrowing Suggestion

    by Anonymous

    My comment is really a suggestion for all to consider. IF the borrower needs extra funds, they should first sit down & figure ALL their finances, starting with the amount they usually get. Next, the…


    Feb 2nd

  • Going, going, gone

    by Andrew

    I lent a relative $10,000. They made payments for a year. Then got into trouble with failure to pay employee payroll taxes. Another loan added $18,000 to the bill making nearly $30,000. They stopped making…


    Feb 1st

  • We'll Pay

    by Catherine

    I used to lend when times were tough and then learned that especially with family, it’s money gone and the fight just isn’t worth it. Now a little older, a lot wiser and the wallet not so…


    Jan 21st

  • Expect nothing and never be disappointed.

    by Chelsee

    A few years ago in 2009, my stepmother's family was so low on money that they couldn't buy food. We had just come into some money, so we wired them $200. We never expected anything in return, and just…


    Jan 15th

  • The Bank is closed

    by Katherine

    My husband used to loan his extended and immediate family money all the time to cover their being "short" because he felt like it was his duty because they were "family." Before we became engaged, I told…


    Jan 9th

  • Thought I was helping someone...

    by Christi

    My daughter graduated with a girl last year who was "less fortunate." She was the salutatorian of her class and although she saved up her money for the deposit on campus housing, she turned it in late…


    Jan 8th

  • Forever Indebted

    by FairLady

    My two younger brothers and I have never borrowed money from each other so it's hard for me to understand how my husband's siblings have always given each other money. To me, it seems like people will…


    Jan 6th

  • Unforgiven

    by Thereislighonthehorizon

    Having a brother who is constantly borrowing $20 dollars here and there and forgetting for the last 30 years is one thing. Having him/and sister-in-law in need is another. (Or so we thought.) My brother,…


    Jan 6th

  • The Plane Ticket Con

    by Scott

    Several years ago, a friend asked me for 400 dollars to fix his car. I agreed to help him out and offered to give him the cash, or write him or the car repair place a check. He wanted my credit card number,…


    Jan 5th

  • Children don't repay loans

    by Lois

    Shortly after I inherited money from my mother's estate, my son decided he should buy a house. In order for the mortgage payment to fit his budget, he needed more money to put down on the house. He pleaded…


    Jan 3rd

  • Lost money vs guilt

    by Adam

    Please excuse my language mistakes - Polish is my mother's tongue (I'm aware it's a very poor excuse). I have/had a close friend with whom I had a good relationship involving coming to his house for dinner,…


    Dec 31st

  • Don't loan or borrow money

    by Wayne

    Lending and borrowing money to family and friends very rarely works and more often than not results in broken relationships. If you need money, go to a bank and for those considering loaning you should…


    Dec 31st


    by Jake

    I've been watching "Judge Judy" my whole life, and because of that, I've learned to never, ever lend money to someone and then expect a return. If people want money, then they should just work a little…


    Dec 30th

  • Yes. I found a method that works.

    by David

    I have both loaned money to & have taken a loan from a friend (2 separate people). I DESPISE doing this, and the only way I will do either is if there is a written contract to protect us BOTH. With…


    Dec 29th

  • Just do this!

    by Cyndy

    If someone borrows $100.00, they need to give me 4 checks (or what ever you think is reasonable amounts) for $25.00 each dated on the insurable dates they can pay you back. Agree in writing that you won't…


    Dec 29th

  • Never have it to lend

    by Kathy

    I would answer with "sorry I dont have it to lend". Simple as that. I would try to help them with suggestions to get the money they need. If one of my sons or mother would ask to borrow money because…


    Dec 29th

  • Lent money to boyfriend

    by Lady A.

    He cried and emotionally blackmailed me that he needed a car loan so he could maintain access with his toddler daughter, get to work and see me! He could not get his own credit, so I got him a car loan,…


    Dec 28th

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