Episode Thirty Seven

How Do You Find Your Mid-Life Passion?

June 20th 2014

  • Finding new life after 50

    by Andy

    I have been in my chosen career (Computer Engineering) which is my only one so far. I have been doing this for pay for 31 years, however I started six years before this. I had desired to be a number of…


    Jan 30th

  • From a 50 something

    by Mary K

    Take whatever workshops, classes, sports you find of interest. The more you become, the easier it is to find what moves you, and in what direction to go.


    May 11th

  • Re-invent yourself. Second career

    by Gloria

    I started working a job right out of high school in a grocery store. I continued to work there while getting married raising a family After 35 years of doing almost every job in the store, the store closed…


    Mar 29th

  • Nursing isn't for everyone

    by Lyn

    As a late bloomer, I decided my father was right about my becoming a nurse. What began as a career move ended up being my identity. Because most of us begin working in our teens and spend 40+ hours weekly…


    Jul 13th

  • how to find mid-life passion

    by Liz

    Been there, done that. Found my passion mostly by accident. It is gardening, farming, and being outdoors. In the past 7 years, I have grown over 100 fruit and nut trees, and 500 different trees. I have…


    May 21st

  • From Nurse to Pilot

    by Steven C

    I grew up loving the thought of flying. I also graduated college with a degree in Nursing. Noble as a career and certainly making a difference, and 5 years as an EMT...I knew I wanted more. I was shot…


    Nov 3rd


    by JoAnna

    The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose. Find your passion/what fires up your soul. Label three shoeboxes: (1)Social Cause/"I've made the world a better place."; (2)Personal Cause/"When I heal…


    Oct 28th

  • I'm 60 and Recently Found a New Passion!

    by Donna

    Now in the Internet Age, with Social Media connecting us all, I found that I love to write. I am a hairdresser by trade and still have my passion there. However, after starting my connection on Facebook…


    Oct 25th

  • Trying to find my way

    by Brenda

    I'm 52 years old, a stay at home mom for 26 years, with 5 kids, 4 off on college and the youngest is a sophomore in high school. I have no college education. Before I had kids, I worked for the phone…


    Oct 24th

  • Catch 22 or 38.-

    by Mikel

    I was raised in a very progressive family for my time. My parents stressed the value of education, and how important it is to earn your own money. My mother was a typical housewife in the 1960’s . Even…


    Oct 23rd

  • Passion Comes When You Are Ready

    by Kristie

    I will be 56 next month and I started a business when I was about 11 years ago. I never intended to be an entrepreneur but I always wanted a "big" life - to be a participant. When I lost my corporate…


    Sep 24th

  • Hungry for knowledge.

    by Annie

    Hello Judge Judy, I am 60 now and I have recently found a couple of 'passions'. One is an online University course on Human Aggression and Criminality. I am totally enthralled. The other passion is Jewellery…


    Aug 23rd

  • Money or ....

    by Doug

    Not many people realize that the 3rd most highest paid conventional profession in America is professional sales. 3rd behind doctor and lawyer. The barrier to entry in professional sales is very low and…


    Aug 21st

  • Volunteering

    by Jeremy

    I don't think there's anything wrong with working a job to pay bills. It doesn't mean you can't pursue your passion. There seems to be a misconception that rewarding endeavours always accompany financial…


    Jul 22nd

  • Kids are raised...what now?

    by Helen

    I have three sons, the first two are 9 and 10 years older than the son number 3 BTW, I refer to them as number 1 son, number 2 son and number 3 son. When the youngest (who is now 23) became a freshman…


    Jul 20th

  • Rebuilding and Rebounding

    by Cathy

    I am 45. In 2006, I found myself at the greatest intersection life affords: Ovarian Cancer. Now, surgery for a total hysterectomy was immediate, not elective. I had a wonderful doctor: kind, compassionate,…


    Jul 18th

  • Education is never a waste!

    by Amy

    My youngest child graduated high school and was preparing to leave the nest, to further her education. I was in my early 40's. No one to care for? Sounded so strange & scary! What would I do with…


    Jul 17th

  • Helping others

    by Melissa

    I went back to school at 46 years old to get my masters degree in mental health counseling. Three and a half years later I am in private practice working to improve the lives of others. Our only son is…


    Jul 16th


    by Sue

    When my children left home, my passion for things creative returned with hearty enthusiasm. I was given a camera and began filming everything and taking stills. I turned these films and stills into video…


    Jul 14th

  • Too early to retire

    by Burton

    I retired at the age of 62 after working all my life like millions of people thinking how nice it would be now to sleep as late as I wanted and not have to worry about how to dress anymore , well, that…


    Jul 13th

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