Episode Thirty Seven

How Do You Find Your Mid-Life Passion?

June 20th 2014

1.18 mins

I received an email from a woman who asked ‘what does one do after your kids have left home?” She’s in her mid-40s and has a decent job, but she’s not passionate about it. She wanted to know how to keep growing and learning without creating student loan debt. Her email made me think about what is really important in life. To me, it’s about life’s journey and the passion that you have during that journey. This woman has raised two children, but wants more for herself. She wants to have a passion about something while still supporting herself and keeping a roof over her head. How do you go about that? Did you find something later in life that you were passionate about? Share it with me, and share it with her.

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Judy says...

Judge Judy says... it’s never too late, and there's nothing more important, than living a life filled with passion.

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