Episode Four

Growing the Nest

July 9th 2012

  • How to co-exist with this creature we call a husba

    by Judy

    You meet them, you romance them, you get them to marry you and then after the honeymoon and settling down, what do you do with this creature who seems to take on a whole new persona. You discover that…


    May 24th


    by Lynn

    I have FOUR children! I am a surrogate mother and one who donated eggs to responsible people to help build families, so I'm definitely open-minded about a lot of things. That said, everywhere I go, I…


    Aug 8th

  • Partner raring to go!

    by Aly

    I'm 21 years old, and I'm just starting to get the hang of life. My fiance is 23 and all of her friends are having children. Being a gay couple, we can't just make a baby. It takes time and requires many…


    Aug 8th

  • My life with two kids (one the 'father')

    by Christine

    My ex husband was the 'whoops' baby of his family; his mother was an administrator, his father - a blue-collar worker, and his siblings-middle schoolers. His family was too busy to guide him in his life…


    Jul 31st

  • Regret, abuse, children, and love.

    by Liz

    I would not have gotten married young. When men start to get older and the children grow up, they are scared to grow with them. I got married when I was young and had two children. I thought that after…


    Jul 30th

  • Modern Dads better than the old days.

    by Sharon

    I also had a husband who wouldn't even bring a diaper to me, let alone try to change one. HA no way. I kept the house clean, cooked, I raise the kids, did the PTA thing and went to college full time and…


    Jul 30th

  • Rules for raising children...

    by Marty

    We have been married for 40 yrs. We have 2 sons with wives and 3 grandchildren. We worked separate shifts. The kids had chores, curfews and responsibilty. When they were small they received a swat on…


    Jul 29th

  • Child with Autism

    by Maryann

    Our second son (of 3 children) was born with developmental delays later called Autism. My husband was hands off with him: I took our son to therapy. I did all the exercises. I was responsible for everything…


    Jul 28th

  • Two is good for now.

    by Deanine

    My husband and I have been together a total of six years. We've been married for three. We have two children, a 4 year old girl and a 16 month old boy. He supported me in the delivery room with both babies…


    Jul 28th

  • It's irresponsible to have children when...

    by Franklin

    I don't have kids, and until I'm financially secure enough to be able to take care of any, I have no intention of it. Of course, it helps that I'm gay, so I have no interest in sleeping with women. But…


    Jul 27th

  • I don't do dishes!

    by Winnie

    When I first married my hubby...28 years this summer... he simply thought since he was the "man" and that he didn't have to do any household chores.... so it started out that he wouldn't help make the…


    Jul 26th

  • Being with your child is not babysitting

    by Kate

    Shortly after our daughter was born, I went shopping for groceries, for once, without her along. My husband said that he did not want to babysit. I told him that being with his own child was not babysitting,…


    Jul 25th

  • Wake up hubby! Pregnancy isn't easy!

    by Terri

    When I was pregnant with our daughter, who is now six, my husband's eyes would cloud over at times when I would talk about the baby, or the usual issues that come with being pregnant. Well, one day when…


    Jul 24th

  • Know when enough is enough.

    by Sandy

    I was 14 when I met my now husband of 42 years. He had just graduated high school and I was entering the 9th grade. Somehow I knew this was the man I wanted in my life forever. I remember my guidance…


    Jul 24th

  • Being an old-fashion person has nothing to do with

    by Kim

    I have one boy from my previous marriage. I think, 2 kids are enough for me since I will be a working mother. In today's society, women don't just stay at home and take care of the house and the children…


    Jul 24th

  • Shared Parenting

    by Lety C

    I couldn't ask for a better father for my children (well, maybe I could, but that would just be greedy). He has definitely impressed me with his hands-on and devoted love he has for our little maniacs.…


    Jul 24th

  • Sharing resposibilities

    by Wendy

    When my son was born, my husband helped out with diaper changing and raising him. He was in the delivery room, although he complained that he had to work at midnight after our son was born. He did get…


    Jul 24th

  • The Wife of a House Husband

    by Elizabeth

    Hi. My parents were Hungarian holocaust survivors. I grew up in the 60s in Montreal and was a surprise menopause baby for a mother whose other children were in school full time. My father worked, my mother…


    Jul 23rd

  • Mr/working mom

    by Malahni

    When my husband and I had our first child, we both worked. I would take care of the baby at night and on the weekends starting Friday nights he would take care of him completely. He would feed, clothe,…


    Jul 23rd

  • We call them "a good egg"

    by Anonyomous

    In my family my mother is "old school" from a farming Iowa community. Her belief is the men work and the women take care of the home. Well, my sister-in-law (married to my brother) and I have a completely…


    Jul 22nd

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