Episode Twenty Six

Grief-Driven Litigation

June 20th 2013

  • Mother's stuff...

    by Christine

    My mother died in 2006, and I'm only now getting over it. I've let my two children have all the items they wanted as I'm ill with cancer. They would get it anyway over here in the UK, we don't do that…


    Jun 19th

  • Parents' legacy

    by Susan

    Our parents gave us many of their belongings as they moved to successively smaller homes as they became less physically capable of caring for a large property and more eager to do other things. They tried…


    Nov 20th

  • Its not yours just because you think so

    by Tina

    When my grandparents passed they left their house equally to all 4 daughters. The house was rather run down and needed work but it still had some value because it was lake front and a big piece of land.…


    Oct 9th

  • Another woman in my mom's house

    by Sylvia

    My mother was an accomplished hand crafts maker. She had afghans she knitted, pictures she needlepointed and rugs she made. Those and family pictures were all I wanted after she died. My stepfather kept…


    Sep 15th

  • Things are things

    by Audrey

    Before my paternal grandfather died, he'd given my Dad a fiddle that had belonged to my Dad's mother, my maternal Grandmother. He gave it to him, he said, because he didn't want a particular daughter…


    Sep 10th

  • The World's Best Step-Mom

    by Judi

    My mother passed away a month shy of her 50-year wedding anniversary. They had seven children, acquired a moderate degree of success and wealth, and SHOULD HAVE NEVER MARRIED IN THE FIRST PLACE! They…


    Jul 9th

  • My Daughter

    by Donna

    I raised my daughter for 16 years on my own. Her dad promised to buy her the world and give her things I could never give her. When she turned 16, she moved in with him because she kept telling me I was…


    Jul 9th

  • Mom takes it all

    by Kelsey

    My parents divorced when I was seven, and my Dad died when I was nine. My Mom was the executor of his estate, and dealt with it fairly, giving my two half brothers whatever they wanted. Whatever was left…


    Jul 3rd

  • Let it Be (My dad loved the Beatles)

    by Michelle

    My father owned an AM radio station. At the end of the 80's, I'm not sure what happened. The story I've been told is he filed bankruptcy and the bank didn't know what to do with the radio station, the…


    Jul 2nd

  • Prepare ahead

    by Jean

    My 88 year-old Mom could go at any time, so this is something I may have to deal with in the near future. I am the executor for my mother's estate. My mother chose me as she knows I will be fair to my…


    Jul 2nd

  • Had to let it go...

    by Roberta

    After 45 years of marriage and a beautiful love affair, my mother passed away almost 20 years ago. After my father married a horrible woman who alienated him from his children and grandchildren. I was…


    Jul 1st

  • Late Sister's Belongings

    by Michele

    Twenty years ago my sister committed suicide and she lived in another province in Canada. The grief of her death caused a division between two sisters. It was over her belongings and jealousy that she…


    Jul 1st

  • Chosen Child

    by Mickey

    My aunt was the only unmarried child out of 11. Her brothers sabotaged her career and forced her to be the sole caretaker for their aging parents...parenthesis - that theie wives would not be indisposed.…


    Jun 30th

  • Let It Be

    by Linda

    When my mother-in-law died, one of her nieces went immediately to her home and took many items out of the china cabinet and gave many pieces to her daughters. We have two sons and wanted a few of those…


    Jun 29th

  • Sad Topic

    by Stefano

    I have not dealt with this personally, but I would try and resolve the situation amongst the family first, would I take someone to court over this? I think it depends on how strongly I feel about that…


    Jun 29th

  • Mothers Son

    by Gale

    When my husband's mother got the flu, his brother and wife took her to their home. Before we knew what was going on, they had moved her bed and dressers and some belongings to their home. Then the key…


    Jun 28th

  • Mother's Possessions scooped up!

    by Kathy

    There were five siblings when our mother passed away.The two oldest kids were 22 and 18 years old. My sister, brother and I were 12, 7, and 11 years old (me). Two weeks after our mother died, my oldest…


    Jun 28th

  • Passing of my parents

    by Robyn

    When my Dad died, I was 22 years old. My Dad left everything to my Mom, and my Mom left everything to my dad in their will. I was married and had my own family at the time, so I didn't feel a desire to…


    Jun 27th

  • I love my brothers more!

    by Elizabeth

    My grandfather believed that male children were the only ones that counted. He had four daughters before "God" gave him a son, my father. My daddy did not necessarily share the same chauvinistic views,…


    Jun 26th

  • Avoiding the tension....

    by Will

    When my mother passed I was named as sole beneficiary, and my eldest sibling was not happy. To avoid the tension and having realized that it was more grief than anything, I split the possesions between…


    Jun 25th

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