Episode Twenty Six

Grief-Driven Litigation

June 20th 2013

1 mins

What do you do when someone you love passes on and someone who shouldn’t have a piece of their property is now in possession of it? What if your beloved mother’s Lalique bowl was left at the home of wife number two? Do you head to court or try and forget about it? Family memorabilia is inadvertently left at the home of an unpopular relative. How do you get it back? I’ve seen so many cases that have more to do with the grief over losing a loved one than with the possessions family members are fighting over. I wonder how much time is misspent on litigation because people have no other way to relieve their sadness. I’m sure you have stories; maybe yours will help someone. Anything to share?

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Judy says...

Judy says….Litigation over a lost loved one’s belongings may have more to do with grief than with the items they left behind.

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