Episode Thirteen

Got Common Sense?

November 15th 2012

  • What's Most Important ...

    by Harry

    When I was much younger I would fly off the handle when I felt any perceived injustice. I began to watch your show in the early 2000's. I was attending a legal assistant program from which I graduated…


    Apr 27th

  • Wanting a relationship too much

    by Susan

    I was seventeen and in love with the idea of being in love. "Chad" was a few years older and knew how to take advantage of my adolescent vulnerability. Chad was available, and I was so in love with love…


    Dec 13th

  • Love with Sense!

    by Yvonne

    I've always been the family, friend, mother, wife and so on that always wore my heart on my sleeve. I would always give and loan until the pot was empty! Over my 50 years of living and through trials…


    Apr 3rd

  • Internet Woes

    by Matty

    I use to have a difficult time socializing in public, and social networking sites were easy for me to communicate. I met 2 people on the internet, and kept in contact with them for a while. Both of them…


    Dec 10th

  • What You See is What You Get

    by Catherine

    Relationships and our need to have them is why we forgive the obvious. It starts in grade school when we make friends with people that perhaps aren’t the best, but hey, at least we have a friend.…


    Dec 8th

  • Looks may deceive..

    by Victoria

    I had always been what people called a typical "good girl". I always did my homework, got good grades, didn't drink, smoke and was close to my parents. I held clear of boys because I was aware that there…


    Dec 1st

  • Being a responsible divorced dad...

    by Norm

    Today is my 54th birthday. Birthdays always make me pause and reflect on my life. I'm satisfied with the manner in which I've led my life. I'm a divorced dad with one 17 year-old child, whom I've dedicated…


    Nov 29th

  • Men don't have webbed feet but...

    by L.A.

    Ahhh Judge Judy - you are sooo right (as usual). Call it poor judgement (pun intended) or just dumb. As an educated woman, I can't figure out why I continue to believe that a duck will someday become…


    Nov 28th

  • Playing by the rules

    by Sue

    I played by the rules, didn't overextend my credit, paid off my house, threw most my spare change into retirement accounts. After 14 years at the same job, I was laid off. Since I did not spend all my…


    Nov 28th

  • Do Your Homework

    by Melissa

    In the mid-1970s, Wanda, an import from a southern state and acquaintance of my mother, confided that, although contemptuous of the man she was living with, she would stay and provide services until a…


    Nov 27th

  • Got Common Sense? No!

    by M.

    People who are impossible can be avoided but not if you live with them. This is my story. My impossible person wasn't some friend, boyfriend or a sibling. No, it is my parents. Sad thing I couldn't divorce…


    Nov 26th

  • Family over money

    by Mm

    If you are "loaning" money to immediate family, always be sure you can afford the loan. My sister and I did that for a car loan for another sister. The car was one we both could afford and never brought…


    Nov 21st

  • I'm ashamed to admit....

    by Tracy

    My story is not a legal matter that I lost money on or could collect on, but a matter of the heart. I fell in love with an abusive man and am ashamed to admit that I stayed in that relationship for 8…


    Nov 17th

  • A Duck By Another Name Is Still A Duck

    by J.

    Joanne and I were friends for about two years. Both her husband and mine enjoyed outdoor sports together. We were there for each other through thick and thin. Each of our mates had had health problems.…


    Nov 17th

  • Taking relatives to court...makies no sense!

    by Cheryl

    I am British but now live in Spain and watch your show all the time. The one thing I can never understand is taking your relatives especially your children to court. If I took my two boys, who are now…


    Nov 17th


    by Marie

    I always give to street people, until one day talking to the only one we have here in our small town, how he was doing and if he was making much $. 60$ a day he told me! Then takes out a package of cigarettes…


    Nov 16th

  • Believing your own eyes

    by Wendie

    I worked in a facility with teen girls. One girl was smoking pot in the parking lot as I watched. When confronted she denied it and said "Are you going to believe what you saw with your own eyes or what…


    Nov 16th

  • Sneaky Ducks

    by Gracie

    My neighbor called to tell me the front window screen had flown off. I thought this was strange since it had never happened before. So i called to have my daughter put it on the front porch until i got…


    Nov 16th

  • Bad Duck

    by Betsy

    When I was 16, I went down to a nearby park for some peace & quiet between work shifts. There was a man there taking pictures of the river and he asked if he could take some pictures of me. I'm glad…


    Nov 15th

  • Fake sport ticket

    by Justin

    I was going to a baseball game with a group of people. Some had tickets and some did not. I did. One person with us said, "hey anyone who needs a ticket, buy them from this man on the corner; he is selling…


    Nov 15th

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