Episode Twenty Eight

First Impressions

August 16th 2013

  • How to Behave in Court!

    by Katie

    In the mid 1990's, I was involved in a law suit from a car accident. She hired this arrogant attorney who boasted how he had won 90% of his cases. After watching several Judge Just episodes, I learned…


    Jan 30th

  • never judge people before getting to know them!

    by juliet

    I always knew that first impressions were important. however I cannot say the same about me. People always judged me before getting to know me. This is the reason I got bullied. They just jumped to conclusions…


    Oct 12th

  • I'm a beliver!

    by Anonymous

    I had always heard about the importance of first impressions but I never really took it seriously until I applied for my first job out of high school. (Those college tuitions don't pay for themselves!)…


    Jan 8th

  • Student teacher

    by Jeanne

    A man of about thirty came to interview in order to be a student teacher, part of the program necessary for certification. He was wearing shorts, a tee shirt and chewing gum. He was told the position…


    Dec 26th

  • Pay attention to your first impressions

    by Susan

    It seems unfair to judge someone on what you see the first time you meet them. It's not unfair at all. It's realistic. Someone who is rude, is rude. Someone who is inappropriately dressed is disrespectful…


    Dec 3rd

  • If it Walks like a Duck and Quacks like a Duck, it

    by Kunal

    I had attended a get-together at a family friend's house where I met two different mothers for the first time. Both of them raved about how successful their two respective children were, both of them…


    Oct 21st

  • My stupid mistake

    by Kristin

    I have been working in advertising for over 20 years and know many people in the industry in my city. At one point a year or two ago, I was becoming dissatisfied with my current job and decided to look…


    Oct 20th

  • The new boss

    by Steve

    Hello all, For reasons which were a mystery at the time, I made quite a poor first impression on my new State Manager last year. He had been transferred from another state and my first impression of him…


    Sep 3rd

  • If First Impression in intervew fails

    by Virg

    Judge Judy is absolutely correct, as usual, in her warning about first impressions. Or.... Dear Prospective Employer: Thank you for your letter of March 16. After careful consideration, I regret to inform…


    Aug 23rd

  • Don't Be Fooled

    by Hazen

    As a bank lender and a landlord who has been to court countless times to collect from deadbeats, I doubt there is any profession more fooled by first impressions than judges. One day while waiting for…


    Aug 22nd

  • Act Natural

    by Kathryn

    Dear Judge Judy: I have viewed your video on first impressions, and I thought to give a recount of an internship interview with a clerk of court. My law professor insisted that I interview to follow clerk…


    Aug 21st

  • First Impressions

    by Gale

    My experience is that too many today are relying too heavily on electronic devices. They've forgotten how to inter-act one on one. It's difficult to believe they're listening to whatever is being said…


    Aug 20th

  • I told my 14 yr old daughter that same line

    by Adar

    My daughter wants to go to school with tight pants, low-cut shirts that make her looks trampish. She tries to walk to the store with that. I explain that when the teachers look at her on the first day…


    Aug 19th

  • Day of the Deviates

    by Kat

    While working toward my BS I had a "Sociology of Deviate Behavior" class. Our final assignment was to do something in public that the norm would consider deviate and write about reactions. My group decided…


    Aug 18th

  • Have Knowledge of the Job

    by Martin

    In the course of my Law Enforcement applications amongst many agencies in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas, I had my first "interview" with the city of "Vernon". I was overconfident because I knew…


    Aug 17th

  • Times past

    by Sylvia

    I was a high school grad in 1953. When we went for job interviews ,we already knew how to present ourselves. Nice suit, hat, gloves, nylons, pumps, and matching purse. We were attentive to our interviewer,…


    Aug 17th

  • I'll give you a call if anything comes up!

    by Espinaca

    Oh come on Judge Judy! What's wrong with showing up in sneakers and having all your tats on display? Three day growth of beard is cool, straggly, unkempt hair is cool (if arranged) and women with eyebrow…


    Aug 16th

  • Don't be too quick to judge.

    by Bridget

    My son is on autism spectrum: High functioning Aspergers Syndrome. He doesn't look people in the eye. One of the hallmarks of being autistic....he is very intelligent and has the vocabulary of a scholarly…


    Aug 16th

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