Episode Eleven

Don't Leave Life Without It

October 18th 2012

  • Tales from a Hopsice Nurse

    by Candace

    I am a Hospice Nurse. I work with people of all walks of life who have come to the end of their glorious journeys. By the time end of life care comes there is so much going on that typically there is…


    Dec 12th

  • We will never be close again

    by Mary

    Mom moved in with my family two years before she died. My sisters were so worried about losing mom's money, they wouldn't come to see her. Mom always said she wanted everything divided evenly. When she…


    Jan 8th

  • We Did It!!!

    by Catherine

    He was married before, now it’s us. He has two kids; I have a niece that might as well be my daughter. As with the pre-nup, everything is as clear as it can be; sort of. The husband said it was…


    Dec 17th

  • Father Leaves Nothing

    by R.

    A friend of ours has three children, 2 boys and a girl. The two older boys (now in their 30's) hardly ever work. The girl (now in her 20's) listens to daddy and tries to work. She makes beautiful music…


    Dec 11th

  • Never saw a UHaul behind a herse...

    by Hope

    I'm 38 now but when I was 31 I did my will. Very easy.. husband gets it all except for a few things my son gets. If husband dies, my son gets it all. At this point, if my husband dies before me then all…


    Dec 3rd

  • "Don't Die!" my husband said...

    by Jocelyn

    When my husband and I discovered that we were pregnant with our first child, we made the necessary arrangements to deliver at the nearby hospital. We were required to fill out several forms, one of which…


    Nov 30th

  • Executor...who to trust?

    by Dani

    My in-laws named me and their son-in-law co-executors of their will. My father-in-law passed away, followed by my mother-in-law two years later. By then, my sister-in-law had divorced, and her ex was…


    Nov 25th

  • "snatching and grabbing"

    by Melissa

    While growing up, one of my mother's favorite topics of frequent criticism was the "snatching and grabbing" that she observed after (and sometimes before) a person's death. My mother passed away at 61,…


    Nov 21st

  • The Will that wasn't

    by M

    I am 62 and when I was younger my parents were wealthy. As the middle child of 5, all our friends said we were going to have a good inheritance. My father owned a business and some apartment units; 76…


    Nov 14th

  • I'm 21 and I have a will

    by Nickolas

    I'm 21 and I have a will. I really don't have much when it comes to money or anything of value but when I die, hopefully in 80 years, my loved ones will get something that I enjoyed in life and will look…


    Nov 13th

  • Leaving a little something behind

    by Deborah

    I agree with you about leaving my children a little inconvenienced when I die. I have a touch of OCD. I do not throw much away. I figure it will give them something to do when I pass other than fight.…


    Nov 12th

  • Please Fasten Your Seatbelts,Turn off all Portable

    by Chelsea

    After my husband and I had our first child, we instantly began making sure that we had "our ducks in a row". We met with insurance agents, financial planners, and discussed our options as to who would…


    Nov 10th

  • Mom left me $1.00

    by Patricia

    I was one of four children from my mother's first marriage. She had one son in her 2nd marriage. So five of us in total. My sister and I took care of mom until her death because we loved her and that's…


    Nov 2nd

  • My Father's Will

    by R.

    There are two children in our family, myself and my younger sister. My parents agreed to make my sister the executor of their Will. After my Mother's death, my sister convinced my Father to add her to…


    Oct 26th

  • Poetic Justice! My Grandmother's Story

    by D.

    Grandma married very young (14 yrs old) and had 4 children with my grandfather, my mom being the youngest. He left her and the kids and disappeared for 15 years. He reappeared when my mom was 15 but took…


    Oct 24th

  • Taking care of business...

    by Colleen

    Yes, my husband and I although we are only in our early 40s we have taken care of all nessary arrangements (will). I wanted to tell you you look really nice! Love the color suit you had one for this week!…


    Oct 24th

  • Do It Now!

    by Daci

    Judging from what happens in the rest of the family following the demise of a loved one: you better run for a foxhole because WWIII will break out! It doesn't matter how close you thought family members…


    Oct 22nd

  • Families!!!!

    by A.

    I have 3 brothers all younger than me. My parents divorced when I was 8 and we lived with my father and grandmother. I had to grow up fast to help look after the family. When my father died, he left a…


    Oct 22nd

  • My Father's Will

    by R.

    There are 2 children in our family, myself and my younger sister. My parents agreed to make my sister the executor of their Will. After my Mother's death, my sister convinced my Father to add her to his…


    Oct 21st

  • Texas - Don't Die without a Will!

    by Jean

    In Texas, an Intestate decedent's property will go to any children first, then their spouse, then their parents, then their siblings. The only thing that saves most spouses when there is no will is that…


    Oct 21st

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