Episode Three

Do You Have a Sock Money Marriage?

June 19th 2012

  • 2 incomes, 2 accounts

    by Gigi

    For many years, my husband and I had one joint checking account. Recently we've been using two joint checking accounts. Both of our names are on each account but one is for his income and one is for mine.…


    Sep 17th

  • Lies, Darned Lies, and Statistics

    by Jade

    Women! When going kayaking, yes, you go to have fun and you do it of course trusting that nothing will happen, but only a fool with a death wish would go without a life jacket. It's the same for separate…


    Jul 6th

  • Rainy Day Fund

    by Ms. G

    I call it a "rainy day fund". I've always had one for myself and i have always used for either Christmas gifts, unexpected/emergency events, and once I used it to leave my ex-husband, find and apartment…


    Apr 30th

  • Keep a Knipple

    by Penni

    I am a saver. My husband is a spender. I have found that I am more comfortable... and a little less nitpicky... when we have a little extra lying around. We have a joint checking and joint savings and…


    Oct 8th

  • Helping out the kids...

    by Sharona

    I always try to have a little money on the side. As my mother called it, "The cashun". My daughter keeps one also. It really comes in handy when one of the children needs a fast loan and doesn't like…


    Sep 30th

  • Giving without Taking

    by Bonnee

    My husband and I have been marri ed for 24 years. We have a joint account that runs the household, and we each get an allowance when payday comes around. From that allowance, we can save "stash money"…


    Sep 14th

  • $1,000 Secret Safety Net...

    by Laura

    I keep $1000 in a secret place in the house where I believe my husband would NEVER find it. I don't know what I would ever use it for but I just know I should have it...for good (or bad?). If my husband…


    Sep 1st

  • Some Sharing ... but not all

    by Margarita

    I believe separate individual bank accounts and one joint account for the household expenses is the best option. Both contribute equal or proportional amounts into a joint account to pay mortgage, food,…


    Aug 30th

  • I am not stupid, I know how to save.

    by Regina

    Quick story, I have always been a saver. My husband has not been. We have been together, now going on 20 years. My husband never questioned where my side money went. I was able to purchace a much needed…


    Aug 28th

  • The Stash!

    by Alex

    My fiance and I are basically married. Been together for years now, live together, the works. We share all of our money. We have seen other couples that don't join their money and if the other wife or…


    Aug 22nd

  • Frozen Cash

    by Lee Ann

    I had a friend that would write her check for $20 more each time she went to the grocery store and she would wrap it in aluminum foil and put it in her freezer to hide from her husband. I thought that…


    Aug 21st

  • Protection money is more like it!

    by Ann

    Being a gay couple living in a radical red state, we don't have the luxury of marriage (but a topic for another day), so we do a 'Yours, Mine & Ours' banking approach. We both maintain personal accounts…


    Aug 21st

  • Married to Secrets!

    by Tracy

    Both myself and my husband have been married before. However we dated in high school and we took different paths but it was just a path back to each other 30 years later. I don't know all that went on…


    Aug 20th

  • Financial Identity

    by Emily

    In my experience, joint accounts worked for "joint expenses" and personal accounts worked for "personal expenses". I have seen couples who have combined everything over the years (usually in "his" name…


    Aug 19th

  • Sock money treats!

    by Brenda

    Litterally YES! I spent 24 years in a marriage where my ex husband controlled every dime! I am now in a relationship with someone who spends LOTS of money but also saves and pays bills responsibly. I…


    Aug 18th

  • Share everything!

    by Monique

    We have been married 34 years. We have joint accounts and have had only minor problems. Prior to my fiftieth birthday, I began putting money away for a celebratory trip which cost about two grand. When…


    Aug 17th

  • It's a gamble (literally!)

    by Roline

    A friend of mine did just that. She saved and saved over the years, they fell on hard times and she wanted to share and surprise him to lessen the burden of money. So. ....no sooner did she show him the…


    Aug 16th

  • Sock Money Respect

    by Maggie's Mom

    My husband and I were both married before. In his previous marriage, his money was never his. He took his paycheck home, and his wife decided how to spend it. If you have been married before, you always…


    Aug 16th

  • My Two Cents

    by Michelle

    Do you really want to decide for another person or have another decide for you what you can & can't do or have in your life based on the cost? Some things are priceless to us; yet, what if your treasure…


    Aug 15th

  • My Money

    by Gina

    I have always put money away from each paycheck so when I didn't get paid while staying at home with the kids, I decided that I would keep saving from the 'housekeeping' money. I desperately needed a…


    Aug 13th

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