Episode Thirty Two

Current Events: The Knockout Game

January 10th 2014

  • Knock out game aka teens who hurt others

    by JJ

    A call from a nursing supervisor informed me that Pediatrics would transfer a 16 year old male to our surgical unit . He was disrupting their floor so he'd be "dumped" on ours . The patient was arrested…


    Jun 26th

  • Enough of it already!

    by shelley

    Children actually know the difference between right and wrong from a very young age. It is called FEAR. We were born with the instinct. As a child, you understand and fear pain and punishment. The very…


    Jun 23rd

  • knockout game

    by Chris

    When young people feel empowered to act violently, it is simply a lack of morality that starts at home. My parents taught me compassion and respect at young age by example. These idiots find humor in…


    Jun 16th

  • Let's Get Real!

    by Jen

    Obviously, mom and dad didn't do their job. If they had, the kid would not have gotten into this "wrong crowd". If they did, they'd soon run to the cops and beg to be jailed for protection from their…


    May 16th

  • Give it right back to 'em

    by Lisa

    Not my experience,just my opinion. These jerks need a taste of their own medicine! Knock them out and see them suffer first from just the anticipation of the impending event.


    Oct 29th

  • The Knockout Game

    by Susan

    My first thought is to make an example of the person who has done this act. If a minor has done this then talk to that child and let them know that with every act we do in life there is a consequence.…


    Oct 13th

  • My story and I'm sticking to it

    by David

    Personally I think they know it is the wrong thing, anyone with a brain should know it is the wrong thing. If they don't, they should be locked up anyways. I think assaults of that nature, needs a minimum…


    Jul 15th

  • Time in Juvie

    by Jennifer

    I spent three trips to Juvenile Hall in my home state, Florida. For family reasons-nothing criminal. As a neglected, assaulted child I'd built up some serious defiance issues. The last trip, after spending…


    Mar 12th

  • Knockout Punismnet

    by Michelle

    Young children and teenagers need to understand that because they are not 18 does not mean they do not know right from wrong. If a minor plays the knockout game, under law, it is violence which is punishable.…


    Mar 7th

  • Lessons of Compassion

    by Valerie

    When I was 24, my husband was killed by a drunk driver. The driver was only 18 and showed no compassion in what she had done. I tried to put myself in her shoes to try to understand what was wrong with…


    Feb 12th

  • Parental failure

    by L. Lane

    The bad behavior of these children are the responsibility of their parents. We have a generation of spoiled lazy parents raising a generation of spoiled lazy children. The kids are bored and irresponsible…


    Feb 12th


    by Sheila

    You shall love your neighbor as yourself....these perpetrators do neither. They have no moral compass and think no one can really hurt them ie. parents can't spank badly behaved kids now adays because…


    Feb 10th

  • Lock 'em up for a year!

    by Bobbi

    Lock 'em up for a year! If you REALLY want to drive the point home, create a video showing their mothers or fathers or grandparents being knocked out by some kid. Maybe show them lasting brain damage…


    Feb 9th

  • Reinstate the draft!

    by David

    I agree 100% with Judge Judy. ( I always do. ) Kids today have no respect for authority, teachers, police, etc. If I had my way, I would re instate the draft to teach kids what they are not learning at…


    Feb 8th

  • Juvenile punishment

    by Joan

    My son had to go to juvenile when he was younger for an unrelated matter. His time there was spent moving rocks from one place to another. School was not offered (or was not credited if they went). All…


    Feb 7th

  • Dealing with thugs and bullies

    by david

    When I was a teenager it was the custom of some young thugs in gangs to pick out some unfortunate guy at a dance who had a pretty girlfriend and tease him in front of her in order to provoke him into…


    Feb 6th

  • Kids are just trying to shock us.

    by Pat

    I think that today's kids are no different than that of any generation. They're doing things that are entirely inappropriate and the difference is that they, many times, don't feel the consequences of…


    Feb 5th

  • We give too much celebrity to violators.

    by R. R.

    I think we are way too soft and we give too much "celebrity" to people who violate the law. I feel that for anyone who knowingly hurts another person they should feel the full weight of the law for that…


    Feb 4th


    by Mike

    I am a 4th degree black belt instructor with deep roots in the spiritual aspects of martial arts and abhor violence. If it happened to one of my family members I would be torn with feelings of retaliation…


    Feb 3rd

  • Punish first; look at behavior second!

    by Patricia

    Dear Judge Judy, As usual, I fully agree with you. To me, this so called "knock out game" is a euphemism for assault and battery at the very least. If you or I engaged in such a behavior, we would be…


    Feb 2nd

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