Episode Eighteen

Courting with Disaster

February 7th 2013

  • long term committment

    by Kaii

    I remember my mother sitting with me as a child, the secret to a happy marriage is talking it out over the kitchen sink These days it seems the kitchen sink no longer exists and it is quicker to solve…


    Jan 5th

  • Communication

    by Kara

    Our biggest problem was communication, which is funny considering we had better communication than most well before we were married. My husband comes from a very intorverted family. If they are mad they…


    Jan 4th

  • No Matter Where You Go...There You Are

    by Bill

    I've been married for 34 years and disagree that courtship is "as good as it gets." I notice that with my beautiful wife that I see her as more impressive every day. Fact is....there's too many other…


    Dec 20th

  • Sleeping with the devil

    by Joanne

    I remember falling in love with what I thought was my knight in shining armor at 31. Long story short of 11 years, we are married now with one child of our own and two others (adults now) from a previous…


    Sep 1st

  • Calm in the Storm

    by Catherine

    Everything that could go wrong did and every wart was exposed within three months of dating each other. Even our romantic first time get away presented lots of challenges. We decided he could live with…


    Mar 11th

  • Top-down relationships

    by John

    So many times today people build their relationships on top-down practices instead of bottom-up. We see the new courting period; have sex, have a kid, move in, get married (maybe), and THEN get to know…


    Mar 6th

  • Marriage doesn't change someone.

    by Katherine

    Marriage will not make an abusive partner into a non-abusing spouse, an immature partner become mature; a free-spender into a saver, a cheater, liar, manipulative, or chronically unemployed partner into…


    Mar 1st

  • Gasp! Toilet being cleaned with a kitchen sponge?!

    by Viv

    See? That's why I live alone. Well, not really. I live alone because I haven't found someone I care to 'get to know' all over again. (Just exited a lengthy relationship going nowhere). My thing is: Wash…


    Feb 20th

  • Well, he's my oaf!

    by Crissie

    My husband snores. He eats way too much. Sometimes he smells. And sometimes he can be just a pain!!! But! He works hard for his family. He is caring and loving. He adopted my son and daughter from a previous…


    Feb 15th

  • A lil diddy bout Paul and Diane

    by D.

    Judge Judy, I married my high school sweetheart. We met in 82 we got married in 94. We are coming up on 19 years. One year of bliss and 18 years of torturing each other. We have 2 beautiful kids. We have…


    Feb 15th

  • A very Bad choice

    by Linda

    My beautiful sister married a man 13 years older than her. She was just 20, and he was 33. He promised her a honeymoon in Rome and gave her a diamond. Six weeks later, he took it back as he could not…


    Feb 14th

  • Try to avoid the irritations in a marriage.

    by Care

    When I first met my husband, he'd smoke like a smoke machine had gone off. When I got pregnant, it was time he smoked outside. He agreed and started to do so; that was a good result to a small problem.…


    Feb 14th

  • Blindsighted!!

    by Anonymous

    I met my now ex-boyfriend where I worked. He was shy, but I found out he liked me so I made the first move. We had so many things we shared, I thought I hit the bull's eye. We had fun doing all the same…


    Feb 13th

  • A date with all the bad signs of the future

    by Debby

    Hi Judge Judy, I have been courting a man for a couple of years, little things started going on which I set aside as perhaps he was trying to impress me. Like whatever I said, he had a story that went…


    Feb 12th

  • How our marriage lasted for 50 years...

    by Reta

    Sure things looked and seemed better during courtship and the first few years of marriage, but later when you looked at your spouse and wondered why you married him, then you look in the mirror and see…


    Feb 12th

  • Ray of Sunshine

    by Mary

    My partner and I have been together 31 years. We own a home together, and he is as charming today as he was when we met. Our saving grace is that we never married (he was married 3 times prior!). It is…


    Feb 11th

  • Perfection Granted!

    by Betsy

    By the time I was 22, I had one child and was sick of all men's crap. I SWORE off picking my own and told the heavens I'm done choosing my own and if it's meant to be, the spirits would tell me who was…


    Feb 11th

  • Money is for Spending

    by Gabrielle

    When I met my husband he had no savings, he owned a new car and had a good job but believed money was for spending. He also had a horrific bedroom, so messy!! After nearly 30 years of marriage, I have…


    Feb 10th

  • Living with a family from another state.

    by Ronda

    My husband is from West Virginia. I am from South Carolina. We met when he moved from his home state to here to find work. We have been together for over 22 years, through thick and thin we have managed…


    Feb 10th

  • Endlessly repeats the same stories and jokes

    by Karen

    What happened to the man I thought was so funny and interesting? He repeats things so many times it is just not possible to believe he doesn't know he's told me that many, many times. The only way to…


    Feb 9th

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