Episode Fourteen

Contracts for Dummies

December 6th 2012

  • Thank you, Mom and Dad!

    by Susan

    Mom told us to make sure we read every contract carefully before signing it. Dad made sure we met a few crooks who believed the only sin was getting caught. - A salesman told me the vacuum cleaner cost…


    Nov 14th

  • My mother would kill me...

    by Jennifer

    Before my mother signed anything, she would read it in its entirety, ask questions of anything she didn't understand, and get her signed copy before she left. As a little girl, I saw her be nonplussed…


    Apr 3rd

  • Dumb and Dumber

    by Daniel

    When I was planning a cruise last year for my Father and I, we got the contract via e-mail stating we would get our on board credit in the amount of $75 and the promise to be contacted if the rate went…


    Jan 20th

  • 'Buying' stolen goods

    by Harry

    I saw a car for sale in a newspaper ad. The price was reasonable and its condition good. I paid cash for it and was happy with the purchase until the Police took it away a year later. I had licensed it…


    Jan 20th

  • Panic Mode Contracts for Dummies

    by Rachel

    A local franchise of a big name plumbing company was called out to address a sewage backup on Xmas Eve. The tech was asked to be detailed on the contract-he was. He sold a $200 valued customer protection…


    Jan 18th

  • Lost our house!

    by Levia

    My mother, brother and I signed over my house to my uncle; we had a verbal agreement. That is not a stand up contract so not only did we get evicted and me and my kids put on the street, we also lost…


    Jan 15th

  • Contracts are meaningless

    by Barbara

    I recently received a judgement in my favor when a client of mine broke our contract. The problem now is that the defendant is ignoring the judgement and the district court won't enforce it. What's the…


    Jan 3rd

  • Stupidity Does Not Get Rewarded

    by Kunal

    As a fresh new Spring 2012 graduate, I started my very first job in September 2012. My two bosses made the offer sound so ridiculously appealing: "you will make a fantastic commission at the end of the…


    Dec 30th

  • Don't ever mix romance with loan and if you do....

    by Lin

    This was at least a decade ago. My long term bf wanted to get a second bachelor's degree. He knew from me, that my parents were in a good position to help him (his parents couldn't afford it). We went…


    Dec 19th

  • Not all friends are honest

    by Judy R.

    I am a beautician and have a business in the lover level of my home. One of my customers was an old friend of ours. I asked if he could replace the sill leading into the shop and he said he'd give me…


    Dec 16th

  • Trade Work

    by Carmina

    My husband did trade work with a business partner when building our homes. He was a contractor and my husband was the granite person. Well, everything was a verbal agreement and when the relationship…


    Dec 14th

  • Contracts for dummies

    by Karen

    I learn by watching and listening. Read, read, read, then take it to a lawyer. Spend a little now, save later, unless you want to meet Judge Judy.


    Dec 14th

  • Credit Card Machine Nightmare

    by Rachel

    I opened my own hair salon a couple years ago, and I needed a credit card machine. A co-worker recommended a company and I signed the lease not thinking anything really could go that bad. Boy was I wrong!…


    Dec 12th

  • Mortgage contracts

    by Glenn

    In Australia, since July 2011 is it now illegal for any bank to impose 'break charges' or an 'exit fee' if one of their customers choose to refinance or move to another ban with their mortgage. I sold…


    Dec 11th

  • Be extremely specific!

    by Edwin

    I once entered into a written contract to have the sink plumbing replaced and cover the antique back splash tiles that were missing. The contract stated that tiles in the repair area were to be replaced.…


    Dec 11th

  • I learned my lesson.

    by Windy

    In 2004, I got a job and I wanted a phone, so I went to the phone company and got it. I signed a contract and i understood it. but I went to the store one day and this person ran into me and made me drop…


    Dec 10th

  • The Will

    by Catherine

    My father had the best intention with his will, but it was not explicit. In short, he wanted to make sure that his paid off home would be a safety net to live in for any of his children that might need…


    Dec 9th

  • Gym contracts .... Beware

    by Melissa

    January comes and with it the desire to get in shape. A local gym was offering a nice deal on a membership. I perused the contract but listened instead to what the salesman was promising me. I could terminate…


    Dec 9th

  • Betrayal

    by Kimberley

    I put in a 60 day notice to move and a few days before my move, my sister asks me to contact my management and ask if I could stay and renew my lease and she was going to move in with me. A few days before…


    Dec 9th

  • Signing Authority!!!

    by Real LIfe Stories

    For a business contract, I entered into a marketing agreement and finder fee with someone who was a board director, however did not have SIGNING AUTHORITY. After closing the deal for the company, this…


    Dec 8th

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