Episode Thirty One

Can Women Have It All?

November 26th 2013

  • Work from home

    by Alyssa

    This is something I struggled with for a while until I found my way in life. I always wanted to have a big family, and I also wanted to be the type of mom who was going to be there for her kids as much…


    Jan 9th

  • Absolutley Love you Judge Judy

    by Felicia

    Women can have anything they want, can be anything they want, and yes they definitley can have it all!!! Women are a very strong species, we endure a lot of pain and responsibilities (even with a partner)..…


    Jan 7th

  • Women can have it all if.....

    by Cindy

    Dear Judge Sheindlin Yes, women can have it all as long as they are strong, have values and are willing to work hard to earn "the all" I have been both a single mom and married with children. I think…


    Dec 9th

  • good work ethics, mom of blended family

    by Rachelle

    I had my daughter young and knew I had to take care of her. I was well into my career when I married, and she was five. I worked hard to be a mom to her and two step daughters. I had very good work ethics…


    Dec 6th

  • Breaking sweat!

    by Suz

    I'm sixty years old & decided it was time to peruse my dream of becoming an RN. I started nursing school this past fall & I will graduate May 2015 with a BSN four months after I officially qualify to…


    Dec 5th

  • Women having it all.

    by Jane

    I think women can have all they want if they define what "all" is. If they want a career and a full family life and a clean house and be able to attend every event at their kids school and every game…


    Dec 4th


    by Crystal

    Married and had our only child at 33. He was older with adult children and was of the non-helping generation. Went back to work within 2 weeks of her birth at his small business with her in tow. She "worked"…


    Dec 2nd

  • Thanks for the good sense!

    by Kristina

    I was dismayed to read an article this morning saying how much a woman needs a husband to be the primary bread winner and we should let him do this so he an feel like a "man". I love my career. I love…


    Dec 1st

  • Single mother twice

    by Joan

    My experience was as a single mother twice and really had to do it all - be mother and father and support my children, one at a time, through two divorces. Starting at age 24, I worked full time and had…


    Nov 30th

  • Yes, you can have it all, but sometimes...

    by Ann N.

    I had three children under 3 years old at one point, and stayed home for several years until the last one finally went to school all day. I immediately got a job-my first job in a long while-at a grocery,…


    Nov 30th

  • I did it my way

    by Sheila

    Dear Judge Judy - I am 70 years old and never figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up - so I just grew up & maybe a bit too wide. Our 50 year marriage was I guess supposed to be the fairy tale…


    Nov 28th

  • No Regrets!

    by Kathy

    In today's society, "the little homemaker" is in the vast minority. It usually takes two incomes to run a household. I had the perfect job as my children were growing up. I am a credentialed teacher.…


    Nov 26th

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