Episode Twenty Three

Boarding Your Child's Ousted Friends

April 25th 2013

  • took in bipolar friend

    by Dan

    My wife and I took in a younger bipolar friend I had acquired when substitute teaching. He had started hanging around me, I helped him with academic work, he lived nearby. At 20, he was thrown out of…


    Sep 27th

  • Bring in the experts

    by Susan

    After two less than ideal experiences with runaways, I made a hard and fast rule: if someone wants to stay because of abuse at home, they must first report the abuse to the proper authorities and get…


    Nov 25th

  • Ousted friend became like family

    by Anon

    When I was in high school, the stepmother of my close friend decided that she wanted a sewing room so she kicked my friend out of her father's home. She had also asked his other children to leave as well.…


    Oct 22nd

  • A Home In Need

    by Patrice

    Some years ago my son Josh had a friend, Josh F. who's mother was very troubled. The woman had no business having children! She had left her abusive husband and moved into a shelter. Josh F. was miserable.…


    Jun 19th

  • A great kid grows up well....

    by Wendie

    My son went to school with a little boy whose mother left him when he was a baby. I always enjoyed having him around so the day he turned 18 he called because his father had put all his things outside.…


    Jun 18th

  • Boarding Friends

    by Rachael

    I think this turned out okay for me. My mother is a narcissist and when I was in my teenage years, she considered I was of no use to her anymore and she put my things out on the deck. That was it, she…


    Jun 17th

  • live and learn...as they say

    by Candiss

    My children were teenagers and had friend whom I knew well and always very respectful and nice to have around. Then the day of reckoning came and instead of sticking to my own rules, I broke them when…


    Jun 15th

  • The Rare Success

    by Richard

    At age 18, about a week before going to college, I was kicked out of my house due to an argument with family. My best friend's family took me in for that week, and offered to let me stay with them in…


    Jun 12th

  • Homeless child

    by Dianne

    This is about our daughter's first high school sweetheart. His home life was less than perfect. Our daughter asked if her boyfriend could sleep on the sofa because his family had kicked him out. I was…


    Jun 4th

  • Too soft?

    by Kathy

    My 20 year-old son's girlfriend (19) just started living with us. She is from a broken home, and is constantly being put down by her mother. No matter how flat you make a pancake, there are always two…


    May 20th

  • Old school

    by Alder

    I come from an old-school, disciplined African background and though I am 33 still apply the rules. It is risky taking in stray friends as they can have negative influences on one's kids .Why have they…


    May 18th

  • Ousted friends.

    by Jane

    Too many times it seems like our kids hold us hostage about helping out their friends who have gotten themselves in a pickle and can't go home. Never dreaming it would ever come to this my daughter and…


    May 5th

  • Strays

    by Toni

    While I never have been asked by any of my children to bring in an ousted friend, I have had my husband do it many times. His mother would always allow the "strays" of the neighborhood stay in her apartment…


    May 4th

  • My Linda

    by Peggy

    When we were about ten years old, my best friend, Linda, moved in down the street. We were inseparable. We climbed trees, danced to 45 rpm records, and did all the things pre-teens did in the 50's. One…


    May 4th

  • Boundary Setting

    by Joanne

    My son's best friend was ousted out of his house for not mowing the lawn! He had grown up with my son since age 2 and he is a decent guy. His parents on the other hand were split up and he had been living…


    May 3rd

  • Extra kids...

    by Suzie

    My mother was always picking up strays - we always had a kid in the house she didn't give birth to. I have three sisters and two brothers and couldn't begin to tell you how many strays lived with us through…


    May 3rd

  • Not ousted but she was mine for a summer

    by Mm

    My friend's daughter, living in another state, didn't graduate HS because of one course. She was attending an elite private girls school. In order to get her diploma, she had to take the class in a comparable…


    May 2nd

  • drastic times call for drastic measures

    by Sandra C

    I let my daughter's girlfriend and boyfriend (they had a 4 year old at the time) stay with us for a few months until they got a place. They had been kicked out of the previous home they were staying.…


    May 1st

  • Make believe it's basketball and Toss Them Out!

    by Espinaca

    I've been a landlady of a large apartment building for nearly 35 years. During this time, I have had tenants who moved in teenagers who just could not find happiness at home and just had to leave and…


    Apr 29th

  • Don't Try This At Home

    by Joyce

    I went through this experience years back when I walked in on my stepdaughter hiding one of her friends in the closet! Her parents and she were not "getting along". The only solution to this problem is…


    Apr 28th

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