Episode Twenty-Two

Adult Children Living at Home

April 11th 2013

  • Living with my mom and about to be 50

    by Erin

    I agreed to move back with my mom in 2008. I have advanced Lupus to a point where daily life for my kids & I became very difficult. I still worked full time. It took every ounce of energy I could…


    Apr 7th

  • "Helping your grown kid"

    by Janiece

    My son and his wife were going to be homeless because of their irresponsible spending, so my husband and I bought a travel trailer and let them stay with their two small children and two dogs. We wrote…


    Jul 19th

  • 32 Still With Mom, Shoot Me Now!

    by Travis S.

    I moved home from Nashville in 2010. Here it is 2014 and I'm an unemployed Chef with dreams of opening my own restaurant or bistro. My mom isn't totally supportive but she did pay for my culinary education…


    May 9th

  • Sorry mom, not leaving!

    by Courtney

    I don't plan on leaving the home. I also don't plan on being a mooch and a freeloader! I'm on the path to being a geologist, and for that, I won't even be home most of the time! It's just me and her with…


    Mar 4th

  • stepson 31 and still here................

    by Carol

    I have been married for 11 years. At the time, his 20 year old son was living with us and going to college nearby. By 22, my husband funded an apartment at the college and all expenses and TWO cars for…


    Oct 7th

  • my children an open house.

    by Margaret

    I have five children, four girls and one boy, I always had an open house for my children. When the first girl got married and after three years plus a baby, her marrage broke up. I took my daughter and…


    Jul 18th

  • Adult Son still at home

    by Janet

    My son is 31 and is living at home with my husband and I. He graduated High School, joined the Army and went off to war, came home and got a Bachelors degree and is working. He contributes monthly to…


    Jul 18th

  • An Ironclad Rental Agreement

    by Donnegael

    Draw up a contract, as you would for a renter. Include chores, rules of the house (no overnight guests), portion to be paid for utilities and rent amount and day it is due. Open a savings account in your…


    Jul 3rd

  • Give them an inch,and they will....

    by David C

    Because of friction and conflict of interests,we moved out of our rather small flat to a larger one that we also have so that our son, who is 21 and recently joined the police force, would have more 'space'…


    Jun 19th

  • Moving back

    by Mandy

    I am a 36-year-old woman. I'm so used to doing everything my self...sorting out my own problems. I have always lived far from my parents. At the age of 30, I moved away from the UK and had a great life,…


    Jun 16th

  • Adult children living at home

    by Michelle

    I do not agree with adult children living at home unless it is to assist a parent or parents in need. Adults need to take care of themselves and not depend on their parents. I have a friend that is 61…


    Jun 16th

  • Adult children living at home

    by Brenda

    It's tough out there! I don't want to kick my kids out BUT, my oldest (23) has a full time job and is paying off school loans so he doesn't think he has to pay anything else. We want him to pay his portion…


    Jun 13th

  • It depends on the circumstances

    by Sarah

    I think it depends on the circumstances. I'm 22 and live at home while attending school. I work part time and am studying full time. My parents help me out with allowing me to still live at home, however,…


    May 29th

  • College Life Isn't Easy

    by Nate

    Currently I am 19, attending college, and living at home with my mother. Honestly I like it that way. For many people, leaving home for college is a rite of passage of sorts. But for me it is just one…


    May 25th

  • Sometimes They Must Return Home for Awhile

    by Donna

    We have 6 children and life was rolling along when our eldest son, at 26 yrs old, was found to have Ewings Sarcoma. He did not move back home but spent a great deal of time there, visiting with us and…


    May 21st

  • 54 and not going anywhere

    by Derrinda in Coon Rapids, MN

    In the late 80s, my oldest brother moved home after being on his own for ten years. Not only has he not left, but he and my mother see nothing wrong with it at all (my dad died in 2003). She does his…


    May 20th

  • You are not doing your children any favors...

    by Nicole

    I am 28 years old. I am married, and I have three young children. My husband and I are both college educated, and I even got myself an MBA. We purchased our first house when we were 23, and made a life…


    May 17th

  • It Took a LONG Time

    by Sandy

    Our daughter is an only child, and we tried to do the best for her. We made sure that college was paid for, and then, we assumed that she would stay in that college town and get a job. That is what she…


    May 8th

  • Be careful what you wish for

    by Nancy

    When my brother was ten, he threatened my mom by saying was going to run away from home. Mom was upset, punished him and told him he was never going to leave home. My brother is 49 and still living with…


    May 8th

  • Legacy!

    by Kathy

    My brother is 58 and has never moved away from home. He hasn't worked in many years and has been drawing disability for the last couple of years. Now my mother has passed away. The home is deeded to me,…


    May 6th

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